North American x10 security console intergation

Steps to setup a arm disarm of a security console from inside HG are the same for North America as Europe. These are out lined here: X10 SC9000 Security Console-Arm/Disarm directly from HG
All X10 security consoles except the same security codes you just need to register the arm code to the unit. The problem most users have is getting HG to see the complete security codes. There are a few ways to do this from HG some ways may work better then others so if one way doesn’t work try anorher. The easiest way I found was to open a wizard script for creating a new program and learn the code from the pressing the capture button. This can be done in the program code or trigger code however I always had better luck from the trigger code screen. The key to all this is making sure x10 Rf is enabled the program is found in the light program section.

Which X10 RF program are you referring to.

You can use any one which was created using the wizard. However it would be simplest to create your arm wizard script and do the learn right from it while you build it.

I’m reading this sentence and it doesn’t make sense. I’m assuming you’re referring to Programs->Lights. Maybe have another read of that.

You assumed right.
I’m out of town for a week so when I get back I’ll post some screen shots with a step by step for the North American X10 users.

While at my off grid place I attempted to set this up. Since I hadn’t plan on doing this here yet I was limited to 1 security key fob and no security palm pads. I was able to get HG to see both the arm and disarm codes but unable to get HG to Disarm sending the disarm code from what was captured. This may be due to the age of my DS7000 here. In anycase the arm works and that was what I wanted most here.

I cannot get it to arm or disarm. What did I miss?

I’m away right now but will post a detailed step by step when I get back hopefully with screen shots . Basicaly you have to first enable the x10 Rf then learn the arm and disarm codes so HG can send them the you need to put your security console in learning mode and send the arm code from HG.the console will chime when it sees the code. Once that is done you should be good to go.

It’s already all documented here X10 SC9000 Security Console-Arm/Disarm directly from HG

Yah…apparently (Even though they look the same) after some research I have learned I have a SC1200 so this won’t work I guess. :frowning:

Yes it does work as I’ve documented it with the SC1200 too.

Well. Like I said before. I missed something. Something isn’t documented correctly. Or I just ain’t smart enough to figure it out.

It don’t work on my console. Is there a place to get some help to make it work if it is supposed to work?

I would love to have this on my system.

Could you be a bit more specific. I can’t get it to work doesn’t tell me much. It’s working for other SC1200 users and they followed my documentation

As I’ve stated many times screen shots say more then a simple worded tutorial.I should be back in a few days and the posting of screen shots is top of my list.

Petediscretes tutorial didn’t initialy work for me either.
It was my contiued testing which got my DS7000s seeing the signals.

Thanks Mr. T. You are always a great resource!!

My Cats still thank you for their awesome light that keeps them warm on those 15.75 hour long winter nights. LOL

Mr T is the man indeed. I’ll just do the heavy lifting and leave it to him :joy: Where would the home automation world be without him. As I said it’s all been documented so maybe it’s a translation issue. Funny thing but prior to the work I did the RF Send didn’t work with the X10 security console as far as some were concerned. The sales figures of Broadlink went through roof as a result. I’m sure Mr T will translate things into language you might understand. It’s definitely a case of KISS in this instance.

The only “documentation” that I see is this:

Configure->Programs->Security->Actions->Add new program->Enter new program name->(give your program a name and press Ok)->Program Code->Add Command->X10->RF(Sensor)->Send RF command->29 98 97 06 F9 61 80

When that code is entered into the value box select Done. Now select Actions->Save->Back. Now make sure you Enable the program by clicking the triangle mark to the right of the file name until the button to the left of the file name turns yellow. Now click on the file name and select Actions->Run and all going well your console should arm.

Repeat the steps above for the arm program. The only thing you need to do is replace the hex code I supplied above with the following

29 98 97 86 79 61 80

and save this one under a different name. This should Disarm your panel.

I did exactly that and it didn’t work. Not sure how much help I can give you as the way I see it there are only two steps here.

I actually looked everywhere and cannot find any actual documentation except for this as I quoted above.

I am not familiar with this board and maybe I missed the word doc, or PDF or whatever. For that I am sorry that I didn’t see it. Please point me to the correct place and I will work on this I am excited to make this work as HG does so much more than X10 console ever could. IMO.

Thank you!

Your security console needs to be put into learning mode. The codes Petediscrete supplied are not universaly known to any X10 security console that hasnt learned them yet.

As in like when learning a new remote/FOB?
Under install?

Then activate this program like I would when installing a new key fob or such?

Tried this. It seemed to try and learn a new remote for the Arm portion.
But still doesn’t set the alarm to away when I press the key fob button.

I’ll wait for the cartoons to follow when you get back.

I feel like Christmas time. Can’t wait for this to work! LOL