X10 SC9000 Security Console-Arm/Disarm directly from HG

Just to let followers of the above subject know that RF Send does actually work with Arm/Disarm of the SC9000 Security Console without the need for any additional hardware. Just waiting on confirmation if it works with North American controllers.

Please note this is the correct format for the command

/HomeAutomation.X10/RF/Control.RfSend/29 98 97 06 F9 61 80

Please ensure you do not include any separators between each block of two of the Hex code. There should only be blank spaces between them.

There’s no need for any additional hardware in your setup required other than your X10 controller to achieve the above.

Here is the confirmation it works in North America!
it should be noted the Arm codes must be learned into the console and only the Arm code.
learning the disarm or panic first seems to mess with the DS7000 in my case rendering the arm unable to work.

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That is the method of enrolling the Keyfob Remote as outlined in the Security console User Manual. I don’t imagine the user would do it any other way. Best if we stick to well defined guidelines.

Thankfully that myth of RF Send Arm/Disarm directly from HG not working with the X10 security has finally been laid to rest as has the differences in codes and how they are handled between Euro and North American models.

Glad to hear that this problem is now solved.
Do we know the correct codes for arm/disarm HOME and PANIC ???

What model X10 security panel do you have.

Must be why mine do not work. I have no desire to only have a keyfob work “1/2 way”

So to state hg can arm and disarm is rediculios

Can’t speak for your setup Mike but mine works along with a number of others who have gladly reported back to me. All five buttons on the keyfob remote are now scanned and are fully operational with HG.

I’ve given very clear instructions on how this can be achieved on the HG GitHub which others have followed with success.

I strongly suggest anyone trying to get this to work and are having problems should start with a cleared down CM15 with no other X10 controllers attached to their power line or network and a single instance of HG running and their X10 security console.

Just send me a pm and I’ll show you how to extract those keyfob remote hex codes.

For anyone trying to use the RF Send in HG to Arm or Disarm their SC9000 you can do the following.

Configure->Programs->Security->Actions->Add new program->Enter new program name->(give your program a name and press Ok)->Program Code->Add Command->X10->RF(Sensor)->Send RF command->29 98 97 06 F9 61 80

When that code is entered into the value box select Done. Now select Actions->Save->Back. Now make sure you Enable the program by clicking the triangle mark to the right of the file name until the button to the left of the file name turns yellow. Now click on the file name and select Actions->Run and all going well your console should arm.

Repeat the steps above for the arm program. The only thing you need to do is replace the hex code I supplied above with the following

29 98 97 86 79 61 80

and save this one under a different name. This should Disarm your panel.

You dont have to use a key flob code you can also use the security palm pad remote RF codes. I managed to learn and use all my securiy remotes with HG.
Users should learn to discover their own codes rather then use a published code other then for testing.

Hi. I have the SC9000.
Sorry that I did not clarify this before.

My testing was carried out on an SC9000 (Euro X10 Security Console) with a CM15 Pro running the latest version of HG on a Raspberry Pi 3+ with Raspbian Buster.

I don’t have or need a palmpad as the codes from the KR31E pendant remote has all the functions required to operate the SC9000 directly with HG.

For anyone using the SC9000 you now have full integration with HG and have a full range of automations that can be used in conjunction X10 security sensors. The hex codes for those security sensors are now fully exposed to HG opening up additional opportunities to integrate the SC9000 with the HG built in Security Alarm System Program.

While I have received reports back from users of North American X10 security panels that they have had success using methods I have outlined in this post I can only guarantee that these methods work on the SC9000 model.

Maybe users of the North American X10 Security consoles could start a new post outlining what if any progress they have made.

The CM15 pro is a bit different than the cm15a as well as most Eurpean X10 equipment. This has some questioning the security signals. Originally I was told by x10wti programers that AHP was required to send security signals as only the European cm15 was capable with out the extra coding in AHP. I now see I was misinformed.
Although your info in this thread does work for the CM15A I’ll create a new one for North American users.
Maybe posting downloads of the programs since several have a problem getting the correct RF codesor making simple wizard programs.

The CM15 Pro IS a European controller. Same standard as all other European equipment. I’m not sure where you are getting your information from.

I started this project purely to prove that with the addition of the RF Send to the XTENLIB there should have been no doubt that both the CM15 Pro and the CM19E could communicate on an RF-RF basis with the SC9000 Security Console without the addition of any external hardware.

On this basis my assumption was that it should also work with it’s North American counterparts. Not having an SC9000 Security console up until recently I couldn’t verify this.

It is now clear that tests carried out by other users previously were based on using the incorrect format of the RF Send hex code from HG to the security console. I have seen so many posts to verify this.

As far as I am concerned now, I have verified that HG can indeed address an X10 Security console via RF Send without the aid of any external hardware like the Broadlink. While they may choose to purchase a Broadlink for other purposes they certainly do not need it for HG to X10 security console communication. This seemed to be a very important issue for some who were hoping to migrate from their current home automation setup to HG.

By all means do start a new post for North American x10 console users but obviously I cannot do any testing or research in this case. What I do know is that a number of North American users have contacted me directly to confirm that my findings now concur with their equipment.

The XTenLib is a powerful driver and I imagine now supersedes Mochad and would certainly equal anything used in AHP.

I didn’t mean to imply the cm15 pro was different then other european x10 module standards. All european modules use the same comunication protocol.

Absolutely but I just want everyone to be clear on what they are using and what that equipment is capable of. Now it’s understood that RF Send DOES work from HG directly to the X10 Security console.