HomeGenie + Google Home

I have found a documentation from an other system explaining how Google Home work.

Attached is the files needed to work
GA.zip (27.1 KB)

action.json need to be send to google with command gaction
apache.ini is the config for apache i uses.
the rest are honegenie files.
Maybe we should start a dedicated threat for this.

PS. will there be a cloud base server for HomeGenie ?
If so, then we could have an official application.
Action on Google require a unique cloud base service for a software,
I am using it as if my system was the cloud server in test mode.

Hope this help a little

hi, sorry about replying to an old post…

ive discovered I can switch of an item by going to say … http://mydyhamicdnsip:8090/api/HomeAutomation.X10/A3/Control.On say

i have created a IFTTT aplet with google assistant so that every time i say the phrase “Switch on lounge lamp”, it will run the above url

everything works ok … but i want to set a password to my homegenie as its accessible from the web… how do i embed the password into the url please?

Insert your userid and password before your ip : http://userid:password@mydyhamicdnsip:8090/api/HomeAutomation.X10/A3/Control.On

I have found this on the forum it may help

Apparently even with password its in plain text.