HomeGenie for Dummies Document - X10 Centric

This is something from the old forum that a few people found useful. If others want to update it that is great!

I am trying to learn HG to replace my X10 AHP, but the almost total lack of documentation is killing me! I THINK there are most of the features I want here, but no where have I found any documentation on how to use them. All HG help I seem to find assume I know the basics and how every feature works already. I do not believe we all must spend 100 hours experimenting with each item to learn what they do or how to use them! So if this doc “HomeGenie for Dummies Document - X10 Centric” really exists, I would love to see it! How can I see it? All I see is kevininv comment that it may be good.

Frustrated in Ohio

Yeah- HG can be very irritating for those of us who dont want to make it a full time hobby.

I am not sure if I recommend you go down this path or not… :slight_smile: But since you already have X10- it means you are a glutton for some punishment anyway… so what the heck.

I wrote the document. I thought it was somewhere in this thread… let me see if I can attach it somehow.

HomeGenieHelp.doc (1.9 MB)

The doc attached?

Let’s see if I can email an attachment…

HomeGenieHelp.doc (1.95 MB)

Tnx kevin. Ur doc has been my guidance!


Any updates on your end? Have you been able to get something to work?


Thanks a huge amount for your doc and help!

Also big thanks to Tuicemen for his help; together, I was able to make progress and learn some new things no one ever knew about HG…

For instance, did you know you CAN have AHP & HG BOTH running on the same computer and not interfering with each other?

Did anyone know you can switch back and forth between these programs with no issues?

The major learn here is: We know each USB port is unique and thus you can plug cm15 into port 1, let AHP grab it with its driver and it will work. Unplug and plug into USB port 2 and let HG garb it and install ITS driver. Now, just plug into the port you want and use the program of your choice. Switch over for cm15 recognition in either program is about 3 seconds in my win 10 64b machine.

I found we do NOT need transceived house codes turned on it cm15 for rf to work.

We found the x10 virtual rf program MUST be on for HG to use X10 security devices - and it does not seem to go into effect until a computer reboot (even stopping and restarting the HG service did not activate this program after turning on).

I found the built in security program has a code (I don’t recall exact name here) that points to a security keyfob device to use it to arm/disarm. So obviously a MACRO will be required to see more than 1 key fob device (I need one in the car, the office, the workshop, the house, and on the golf cart).

The show stopper to use HG instead of AHP is not being able to have HG send RF key fob sig to my DS7000 real security console. I believe Tuicemen has this working with addition of two outside things: HA-something software and something RM hardware device. So I bought the RM thing, it will be here next week and I will regroup and beg Tuicemens continued help to make this extra stuff fill the RF send of security code from HG" gap. It is my hope that once running we can learn how to send security RF from HG hooked to cm15 modem without additional hardware and software.

I hope more and more x10 people come here and begin experimenting and adding documentation like you have - eventually we can document this HG thing properly and save the 100’s of hours presently required by EVERYONE to use it!

Well that sounds great… and with so much X10 in your configuration- you sound like a very patient person.

If you want to use my document as a starting point to add your learnings too- that is fine by me… we can just keep adding to it and re-posting it?

Or feel free of course to start your own documentation. I guess it would be great to have it as a google doc that multiple people could edit simultaneously…

Sounds like you are doing very well then!!!

when I get my RM device, and figure out where to download the HA thing and get some guidance (pictures?) for Tuicemen how he has configured it, I agree the living doc is a good idea and I will add to it what I am learning. I think if we experiment with EACH icon, each individual thing we can right some notes about what it does, how to to use it.

You might be talking about HA Bridge. That is what I use to connect Alexa to HomeGenie.

The doc I posted should have a section on setting that up too. If it doesn’t… let me know.

I actually created a HA-Bridge interface program to help make it easier for users wishing to use devices configured in it from HG
This was mainly so I could easily interface with the Broadlink RM.
I also had several other devices already configured in HA-Bridge which I can now easily control from HG.

Well. That sounds great! I think I read about your work in that earlier now that you mention it. Us x10 maniacs (word chosen carefully) all owe you a lot for all your contributions over the years!!

Since you’ve been using HA-Bridge with HG for a while can you post a sample script for say A1 dim to use in HA-Bridge. The Dim function (which I rarely use) eludes me.

Sorry… I am not doing any dimming either in HA-Bridge. I am only doing a couple lights on and off and ALL lights on and off. :frowning:

No problem. Maybe someone else can enlighten me.

I actually only control a couple of lights as well with HA-Bridge and Alexa. I use more appliances and specialty devices I rigged up like my Outdoor Wood Furnace, Solar tracker and fans here at my Off grid Cottage.

I use it more for lights in the city but even there I rarely dim or brighten.

Guys, my RM thing came in today! So I would love to try to install that HA thing and then do something tomorrow during the day… So far I have found 5 or so sites that talk about how to program? the HA but none that show where to download it… I am way behind your eighballs and need to catch up fast!

the HA-Bridge can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge/releases

THANKS for saving me 30 minutes of searching!

I sure would like to know what the RM Thing is…. what is its actual name?