HomeGenie for Dummies Document - X10 Centric

The RM thing is the Broadlink RM Pro

Can’t imagine anyone wanting to use Active Home Pro at this stage. It’s all but defunct at this stage and patching together a 20+ year old Windows application is hardly the way forward.

Most of what you need to know about HomeGenie has already been covered in the old homegenie forum. X10 in HomeGenie is very straightforward and with the sample applications provided by the users there it should answer all your questions.

The installation of HA Bridge in HomeGenie is already documented in the old forum. I did point Tuicemen in the right direction to that fact. It’s all copy and paste instructions to get it working on the Raspberry Pi and other Linux installs. Not sure about Windows as I don’t use it.

Glad to see you guys are sharing your experiences here. There are a lot of experienced HomeGenie users here who have a very good working knowledge of C#, JavaScript and JSON and have been very helpful to the project.

HomeGenie can be a little daunting for the novice but a very useful application to learn a little programming which can’t be encouraged enough.

Don’t forget to report back here and of course credit those who provide solutions for you. It makes for a very harmonious community.

Kevin, sorry. the em thing is Broadlink RM. it can be googled.

Tuicemen is the only one who has reported being able to SEND X10 security codes via RF from HG - what we require to let HG control our X10 DS7000 security consoles. Or even the older original X10 security console. His discovery is HG will talk to java program called HA-bridge, and HA-bridge will talk to this $ 25 hardware device called broadlink RM. The em thing connects via wifi to your network and can send IR (I don’t care) and RF commands - somehow it learns to mimick these - I am guessing by hearing them once and recording them in its memory. Then on demand it can spew the mimicked RF back out.

I found native win10 does NOT include Java, and since I have had no need for it in past, none of my dozen win 10 upgraded machines has it! makes the ha-bridge totally useless and frustrating until I figured that out.

Then too the rm thing is brain dead and totally useless out of the bo too! From tuicemens valuable input I assumed I did not need to run the android app called e-automation that it says to do in its instructions… finally did download it to phone, and it now talks to rm and is ready for network pw to connect and maybe do something!

Thanks again Tuicemen!!

I feel like a tortoise in a race against a rabbit!

My memory isn’t what it once was so I tend to miss steps, sorry about that. You may wish to have a look at my forum in the Broadlink section as I did create some threads for the broadllink all of which were for Windows. A quick read through them may be helpful.

I cover HA Bridge some in that HG for X10 doc I am pretty sure. If not- let me know and I will send you the version that has it. It is not particularly hard to use. I am surprised Win 10 doesnt include Java but it is super easy to install- so that should not be a problem. Are you having trouble figuring out how to get Java on your Win 10 machine??

I wont be one of those guys but man… I actually cant believe someone actually uses an X10 security system. I have enough trouble getting X10 lights to go on at dusk and off at dawn reliably. Good for you though if you can stomach it. After about 15 years… I am trying to slowly get off of X10.

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Ok so do the following:

Ensure you have the X10RF package installed.

Create a widget and assign it as a Switch.

In the Features/Options section assign it as IR Remote Controller.

In the Enable control by IR remote section tick that box

In the Toggle module with IR button section click on that little eye :eye: to your right. It will now allow you to record the RF command so issue that command from your device by tripping it or pressing a switch or whatever.

A hex code should appear to the left of that :eye:. Save the widget and now you have a widget corresponding to your device/sensor

When asking questions try keep them as short and sweet as possible. It makes it easier for users to give you a straightforward answer.

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This is really cool, I didn’t realize this would capture X10 RF to send latter. though it seems your missing a step somewhere I can’t seem to utilize this


Have you got the X10RF package via the MIG installer.

I’ve got all sorts of sensors installed this way like generic smoke sensors, water sensors, CO sensors etc.

Assuming your CM15 is hooked up too. I don’t use X10 security sensors so I can’t vouch for them. Try a cheap generic sensor and use the method I’ve outlined above.

Not sure but I think bkenobi got the x10 security sensors working at some stage.

What you’re really trying to achieve is to capture the RF hex code for use later in other macros and scripts. You can monitor all your RF traffic on the Dashboard.

yes, the RF package is installed I can monitor all RF traffic.
if I activate the IR program I can see my security arm and disarm button presses in it.
Are you saying the cm15 is seeing and reporting Other RF signals to HG?
Or do you have another RF receiver connected.

I can create a new widget and bind the ir program to it
I’m not sure where the enable control by IR remote box is
sorry my brain must be slow today.

In the Enable control by IR remote section tick that box

The CM15 you have attached to your Raspberry Pi should pick up any RF signals you broadcast and report them on screen. Unless you have those signals assigned to a device it will obviously do nothing with them.

ok so I tested a virtual switch adding it to my group I selected switch type then checked IR controller then clicked the capture code and it captured the code for the Arm there is no option to add a code for specific on/off but that’s ok. saved then clicked the on button and nothing. clicked the off button and nothing as well. I don’t believe security codes can be sent from the CM15A.
I remember chatting with a x10 developer when they were working on updating the SDK for the cm15.
they told me most of the security stuff would only work with the European version.
If you can indeed control other RF devices with the cm15 then the European version has better RF capabilities.

I’ll ask bkenobi if he got the security working and how.

not that it matters as I have it working with the HA-Bridge but if it can save some one else the head ache I’ll continue playing.

The only RF HG reports seeing are those sent from X10 remotes.
Since this is a North American module the RF (send & receive) is a different frequency then the European one so this may be part of the problem.

What do you mean by this? Many of us use cm15 and AHP to send security key fob ARM/DISARM Rf to our DS7000s every day. what am I missing?

It gives you the option to toggle that switch. It means once to press on and once to press off.

I doubt you’ll get the x10 security sensors working this way. Most security sensors RF codes have built in proprietary additional codes built in. Makes sense really. I’m sure bkenobi hit this problem before.

Most of these topics are covered in the old forum. It’s worth manually parsing through the old forum and noting the x10 related posts.

Kevininv, is my doc I am working on of value to integrate with yours?

Active Home Pro is propriety software as is the firmware in the CM15. X10 in HomeGenie does not use your AHP drivers as you have already discovered.

ok… what is your point?

My point is Mike, the AHP software probably recognises the proprietary codes that are communicated to and from the x10 security sensors. HomeGenie uses the XtenLib to control x10 which doesn’t.

I’m attempting to answer your queries here. Please don’t fire off questions like it was a support help line. I’d appreciate that.