Windows 10 Update Issues

Has anyone else had problems with windows 10 updating and destroying your HG functioning? In the last week I have had my drivers update and destroy my connection to HG and Active Home Pro. After days of fighting with my computer, I found a way to roll back the drivers on my com port and get AHP working again,But HG may be a lost cause until I start using a raspberry pi of find an old laptop with windows 7. Does anyone have any ideas about having HG work with Windows 10 after the latest update?

My Alexa app stopped connecting to X10 devices after window 10 up date. I switched to p2 + 2612U. Now Alexa connects with X10 devices.

Found 2 problems and got it working. My trusty old com port had set itself once again to a higher than necessary speed when I finally found a driver, then I locked the com port to AHP. Working right now, but tomorrow is another day. Almost ready to order a raspberry pi and see how much time I can waste on that to aggrevate the spouse.

For X10 users. Forget Windows when running HG. An SBC like the Raspberry Pi is the only way forward. You’ll spend your life resolving problems after every Windows 10 update and I imagine there’s many of them these days. AHP and HG do not coexist well if not at all on a Windows setup.

I’m confused as to your configuration. You say your using AHP and HG on a Windows 10 PC. Is that the same machine? Unless you are using different controllers for each HA software, the drivers will conflict and I don’t see how you could use them at the same time. I’d dump Windows and use some form of RPi or clone if I were you!

That’s what I thought but I’d never used HG on Windows. Either way, as far as HG users on X10 are concerned it’s Raspberry Pi or equivalent for HG.

You guys are absolutely right. Strawberry pi will be the way I will be going when my visa again can breathe easy. Covid and a torn cartliage has caused a tightening of the wallet. As long as I disable the AHP interface before starting AH and vice-versa all seems well. The Microsoft updating has been a true pain but at the moment the driver update have been halted and all seem temporarily well. I suppose this will last until Microsoft finds another way to bypass the blocking procedures I found online’

Sorry about that. I meant raspberry pi.

Will you have that after the steak and kidney Pi :joy:

Yes but prefer pumpkin with i.c. cream

Have any old laptop or old computer laying around? I recently installed the raspberry pi for x586 on a laptop and it is fantastic!

Yes as long as you’re not trying to use HG and Active Home Pro in parallel which is what the OP originally experienced. After all HG is Windows program so you’d expect it to run fine on a Windows machine. Of course Ubuntu or any other flavour of Linux will run HG fine on an X86 machine.

I use an older HP streaming computer running Win10. I just updated to the latest version with nothing different noted in HG function. Perhaps I just got lucky.

Have you got both HG X10 drivers and X10 AHP drivers installed on the same machine.

Sorry–I misunderstood the discussion. I do not have X10 drivers. I was just commenting on the fact that I upgraded to the latest Win10 a few days ago.

Peter --thank you again for the Pi tutorial. What version of HG do you suggest?

No problem. I can understand the confusion though :joy:

This is the version which appears to be quite stable

Me again. Just letting you all know after locking out Windows 10 driver updates(only until I can get my hands on a RASPBERRY PI) everything is again working. If i was a younger man I would be digging into this again and actually learning about this protocol, as it seems a wonderful way to spend my retirement years. I started with X10 in the late 70’s with some simple remote control lights, and after an extended hiatus I found a box of old eguipment during a move. 3 cheers for hoarding. Thank you all for your replies and guidance.

Yes the RPI is probably your best bet now. Low on power usage, profile and no annoying updates dumped on you. Runs 24/7, silent and headless which means you can hide it in the corner out of harms way.

Me again.
Finally broke down and got a pi.
Installed Hg, worked for several hours, enough time to restore my settings. After a requested reboot, it stopped working. Many re-installs later, still not working. No idea why. Every time it fails, I reformat, reinstall OS, try again. have tried Tuicemens tutoral, which hangs and will not complete, Petediscreet’s clear instructions with the same result. This is starting to get old and wonder if this is the true beginning of insanity. Any guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Which model of RPI did you get.