Weather Undergound Alternative

I used WU for a long time to turn lights on and off at dawn and dusk. WU has not worked in my setup since the WU access code is no longer is accepted. Is there an alternative to WU that will work in a similar way?

I use HG in WIN 10 and I am not a programmer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

The latest HG version already supports the OpenWeatherMap alternative.
I guess you are using HG BE which is not updated. I was in same situation and had to switch back to Gene’s HG branch. More info of HG versions in this thread:

There also is a open weather add on in the package manager this has more options then WU.
The open weather in the newest HG from Gene has some bugs that have yet to be addressed.

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer my question. For the last few years I have been using HG 1.1 R525.
I downloaded the latest 1.3 stable 5 version last night and will be trying it out using my backup file in a few days.

Will the new weather widget automatically pick up my present timing values?
When I “restore” my backup to the new version will that keep the WU or Open Weather widget?
Thanks again.

I suspect the new widget though simular will not pick up your WU settings they will have to be moved over.
your backup should install every thing just fine as long as you didn’t have a password enabled on it the new HG uses a different password setup and is not compatible with the old ones.

I added some code to fix issues with the OpenWeatherMap program and created a pull for it.
Hopefully this can be reviewed and implemented soon to fix the humidity and day hi/low options.

If I wanted to keep my existing older and working version of HG
and wanted to replace the Weather Underground widget with Open
Weather what files would I need to import in?

You’d need both the hgx file which is the program, and the zip file which is the widget from the Package Manager.
The open weather widget from the package manager download looks like this:
The Openweather map in the new HG looks like the WU widget.

Since you need the weather program for things tied into the program code, and you state your not a programmer, it is best to update.
The issues with the new Openweather Map are minor display issues and humidity value fetches.
The new HG is more secure and has more integrations. You also can still use the jkUtils Open Weather from the package manager as you can see from the last post I run both currently.

Thank you again for the information.
I am running 1.1 R525 now. When I loaded the latest stable version none of my 30 personal programs reloaded from the backup I made in R525. How do I also backup my programs?

Does your personal programs also use a personal custom widget?
If not you can just export your programs to your PC then in the new HG import them back.
Not the best solution but it works. At least it did for me.
That’s the problem with waiting to long to update
Another option may be to not move directly to the newest version but move up in steps, may be the version prior to the new password encryption being added then to the next version then to the newest.

I may have to export them after all. When I try
to use my backup in any version higher than 1.1 R525 it seems to
restore okay in 1.3 stable 5 but the Wizard programs all show
that they are there but are completely missing data. The Csharp
ones are complete and work fine.

    Tried working my way up the chain none of the 1.2

ore 1.3 versions keep the Wizard data intact.

I have very few wizard scripts so this may be why I’ve not noticed that issue.
I’ll have to go back and revisit my old wizard scripts to be sure they still contain relevant info.
Seems to me at some point I had to re-upload wizard scripts.

I exported my wizard files in 1.1 R525 and tried
to import it into 1.3 stable 5 after doing the full restore. All
the data was gone.

    I will attach a sample to this email. This

program just turns on a few lights in the house for 30 seconds.
I used to use it before moving here full time so I could see
with the remote cameras.

1034-Interior_Lights_Momentary.hgx (2.19 KB)

This is a screen shot from within 1.1 R525
showing data of program file I just sent. When imported to a
higher version Program code is blank.

I wonder if this is Zwave related?
I never had much in the line of Zwave and never had script with any contained.

I imported all the Wizard produced programs one by one into v1.3
stable5 and they all now work. I created a backup and restored it
to another computer running v1.3 S5 and all is good.

Thank you for the help.


Thats good to see your recent backup of 1.3stable.5 restores properly. Recent changes to HG server must conflict with old settings possibly WU references.

I could only restore to… With that address the
restore went smoothly.

  When I tried to use the IP of the computer it is installed on the

restore stalled on a white screen that had a message like “restore
in process.” I could see the “Home” screen faded behind it and
that looked perfect. I just could not get to it. I found no way of
“removing” the white see thru overlay to get to the Home screen.
At least it is working now. I will not be able to use the Android
app to control the program until I sort that out.

I found the restore and even update would sometimes look like they stalled. After giving HG what I thought was sufficient time I found reopening the browser to the HG IP showed the update or restore had in fact taken and not hung. is the default localhost IP, it should not affect the actual IP of the HG server. Your HG Plus app should still connect to the PC IP and port which HG is running on.