HomeGenie Editions

In case users are not aware there are two versions of HG currently being maintained. There is the original version of HG now on release v1.2-stable.37 and HG Bounz edition v1.1.22 forked from the original project.

For anyone attempting to troubleshoot their install it might be worth mentioning what version of HG you have installed and what platform you are running it on.

Also from a personal point of view for those running their setup on a Raspberry Pi I’d strongly recommend running either version on Raspbian Stretch Lite.

I’m a little concerned about the development direction of both versions.

I migrated to Bounz Edition (BE) when Gene disappeared for a long time. But
now the BE development looks like has stalled and Gene is back.
It looks like he added new interesting stuff like websockets, http digest auth and OpenWeatherMap.
Now I’m tempted to return back to HG main Project.

What are your thoughs?

I find the BE builds to be more geared towards window users. Genes version runs better for me on the RPi so it may be geared more towards linux. It would be cool if Bounz and Gene could merge their works.
Gene is working on a new interface so soon they will not look the same. With Genes adds he has also removed some deprecated code and the WU program for this reason some of your programs code may need tweeking.if you move back to Gene’s build. However I suspect it will soon get harder to move back and forth some of the old app contributors caused issues for me in Gene’s latest build until there code was updated.

@amselem You’re obviously one of the original HG users so you may be aware that many of the old user base have moved on to other home automation solutions.

As you say the BE version came about owing to the fact that Gene halted development on the project stating that HG was a completed product. With his recommencement of HG development this was clearly not the case as others suspected in the first place.

It would probably be worthwhile switching back to the main branch to keep your install current as far as security is concerned but as you can see from the GitHub there’s not much in the way of new innovations appearing of late and not many of the previous experienced user base contributing anymore.

Maybe some of the old user base will once again reappear in time but maybe it would be worth your while looking at the many alternatives out there with vibrant community input.

I find the BE version is working well with my ubuntu (Linux) box.
I have also got more use of my z-wave units since switching the BE due to the change to Z-wave library.

As I now have the OH on side changing to a new HA program would be a pain in the ……

If the two could merge (the split originally being due to lack of development and slow handling of pull requests) then we would have two good developers working on one project and with the community could make the program stronger.

I also don’t see any requests for new innovations on the forum or GitHub. May be if you ask you may get.


Remember why Bounz forked the project in the first place. Now that Gene is back issuing new releases I doubt Bounz would have any interest in collaboration. What’s the point.

As you suggested to me post on the GitHub. That’s where all the action is.

I’m back here after many years.
The project is still alive?
Development is going on?

Check here and judge for yourself https://github.com/genielabs/HomeGenie

I did notice changes but do also experience issues like in the early years :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s better to use original HG as I have completely no time to spend on this (and other) projects since previous summer when I’ve become a father and got a promotion on work.

Rewriting UI is important but I don’t like the idea to use Gene’s developed UI framework (zuix) for this purpose when there are Angular, React and VueJs which are well known by developers. It would be hard to attract new developers to the project when they have to study everything from the ground.

And also the backend part should be rewritten in my opinion. I don’t like the custom implementation of the web server that we have in HG, I don’t like code structure and style. Readability is not good. A lot of parts are tightly coupled and this makes it impossible to cover the code with tests.
Now we have .Net Core, and the third release will bring a lot for IoT world (ex. classes to work with GPIO, common devices), but I don’t see any movement towards new technologies adopted by many developers. I think that’s one of the reasons why nobody contributes to the project. When you say that the project runs on Mono with UI written on jQuery Mobile everybody runs away :smile:.

This is what I’m finding. it would be nice if there was a bit of a map for finding things in the code. Or maybe there is a road map and I’ve just not located it yet.