Scheduler Calendar View Not Showing Events

I have been going counter clockwise in circles trying to figure out the Calendar View of the Scheduler. However, I am going to recount my troubleshooting in a linear vs chronological fashion. So, there may be the false impression that I know what I am doing.

HG is r526, have not used any older versions.
All modules in the events are functional. IE: can be controlled manually.
All events are functional. IE: created events work as intended, lights go on and/or off as defined.
All events use custom cron expressions. I have used the other Event Types as well.
Events show in scheduler.xml. I followed the thread:

All restarts are from Maintenance Restart

HG and Windows 10 – I installed HG on Windows 10. Populated with modules. Added events all starting with “Lights.”(no spaces) So, all the events in Edit Events View showed in Calendar View as well. Added an event as “Test.LivingRM”. Which shows in Edit Events, but does not show in Calendar View. Restarted HG, no change.

HG and Raspian Stretch on RPi3B – Installed, populated modules, and added events. I added events as “Basement.” and “Dining.” Basement. Events would show in Calendar View, Dining. Events would not. Went back to the Win version and noticed that I had used “Lights.” For all events. Entered 12 events on RPi3B under “Lights.” Only 5 show in Calendar View. All are in scheduler.xml. Restarted HG, no change.

Early on, I found that Scheduler does not like typos at all. At this point I am confident that all events are correctly formatted. These 12 work. I thought maybe there was some interaction between module groups and/or group separators. Created trial events from group names, no effect. “Lights.” And “Test.” Are not groups or separators for the modules. I think this is all I know.

Is there a way to show all events in Calendar View?

Maybe those events, that are not showed in Calendar View, should not be triggered at that specific date (usually today)?
Pressing on the calendar icon opens popup that allows you to select other day.

Thanks for pointing out the calendar icon. Did not know that. Also, this got me looking at the events in Scheduler. I noticed that all the Events which include @Solar.Times do not show in the Calandar View. However, this is only true in the RPi Raspian version. In both versions, I think (need to verify) that the event is functional, even if not showing in Calendar View. Here is an example

(@Solar.Times.Sunset-30)>(0 23 * * *)

In the RPi version, when I changed an event to

(0 16 * * *) >(0 23 * * *)

It shows in Calendar View.

Here is a snap shot from the Windows version showing an event that starts at sunrise and ends at 11:30PM

I don’t know if a difference between Cron (Linux) and Task Scheduler (Windows) is causing this. If the events work, then I just need to remember that the Calendar View does not represent all events. Thanks for the help.

Was able to reproduce this on my HomeGenie installation.
Looks weird, created an issue on GitHub, hopefully will fix it during this week.

I hope someone has some rotten eggs to throw my way. ARG!

The schedules with sunrise and sunset were not functioning as I thought. So, dug into the log file and found that the events were not passing through. After a long session of staring, I went back the user guide. I was using @Solar.TImes, it should be @SolarTimes, no dot. Corrected, and the events show on the calendar. Would expect these to run correctly now. I have one that I changed back to @SolarTimes and does not show up on Calendar View. Per another thread HG needs to be stopped. Which I did. Still no show. Will advise.