Mono HttpListenerRequest.contentencoding problem

In the mono HttpListenerRequest.contentencoding property is not implemented correcly.
It always return the Default Encoding…witch is “ANSI”. It is not looking in the Content-Type of the request.

To test it, simply add there char to a stript, save and reload
"éé" will be “???”

Is there a way to force mono default Code Page to be UTF-8 ?
PS. Im running on a RPI2

I was trying to implement Google-Home. In french,
I had to implement a web server in my script to bypass this problem.


Can you provide example code to replicate this please

The problem is gone since the upgrade to Stretch. Sorry
But here a way to test it on Jessy

When.WebServiceCallReceived(“echo”, ( args ) => {
return "{ “ResponseValue” : " “+ args + “” }”;

curl -d “éric” -X POST https://xxxx/api/echo

If its gone then it might of been an underlying mono issue.

Hello Saue0,

I am interresting so to interface HG with Google Home, can you inform us how to do it without IFTTT ?

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