HomeGenie 1.1 Stable v527

Looks what’s turned up from Gene after all this time. Can be downloaded from this link https://github.com/genielabs/HomeGenie

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Thing is - its actually a long way off being stable - its a year behind in development!

Changing the name doesnt make something stable…

Compare git repo commits between the two ‘branches’

Which version (number) would you recommend for a normal house setup (not a test bed), as I am looking at setting up a new sever?

@David_Wallis I agree the word stable should never have been added.
however I do believe with the word beta being removed.
Many won’t even consider software with a beta tag.

As long as bugs are still present which were reported and not addressed you can’t add a stable label.
That being said is any software ever bug free especially while adding new options.

@IanR “normal house setup” what is that?
there are so many different protocols available I mainly use X10 others Zwave and still others use something else while some use a combination of several protocols equaly.

I’ve updated to this version and as David stated there isn’t much difference from the last (beta) version It is still to early to say if this version works better for me as I found the last version was stable enough for my setup.
Workarounds were doable for bugs I found.

I imagine it’s just Genes way of putting the HG project to bed as far as he’s concerned. He did mention on Github that he was working on something new.

Probably what’s needed now is input and contributions from other users from a fresh perspective along the lines of the old HG forum. Some really useful utilities emerged from there some of which I still deploy today although I’m no longer as big a user as I used to be. Home Assistant is my automation weapon of choice now.

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Hey Petediscrete,

what do you like about Home Assistant?

I just took a quick look at it. I dont see any X10 support (go figure!) :slight_smile: but I am mostly still X10 so I probably cant try it out much but I’d like to know what you like about it!

It supports X10 in the form of Heyu or Mochad. I figured that one out. I’m just about to turn my X10 lights off now.

Hello @Tuicemen
Normal house setup is the setup controlling the house and not a test bed.
It’s just that there has been many new release eg V1.1.19 released (for testing purposes only) but they have the “for testing purposes only” on them this is confusing me a bit so with one is recommended to run the house while I test the test versions.
I am currently using the first BE version to run the house and it seems good, but there are still some bugs (camera and bits) that I am still looking at but it’s working and the OH is not complaining.
I use; Ubuntu, Z-wave (Harware list), Arduinos (temp sensors, light sensors, PIRs, buttons, Relays, etc.), IPcameras and OSMC.
Ian R

@IanR, this is not a test version nor is it a BE version it is put out by the original developer Gene. Since I don’t run Windows the BE versions haven’t been stable enough for me to run on a PI. That being said I can’t compare the two other then the BE versions look and feel much the same as Gene’s

Many of these Home Automations don’t state they support X10 in there support they state the driver app instead Mochad for x10 USB and Heyu for the cm11 serial
I did test run home assistant but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Once I get a spare PI setup I may give it another try but HG is doing everything I wish right now.

@IanR the bounz editions!

Thank you @David_Wallis
Which one of BE is best for deploying, stay with 1.1 or upgrade, if upgrade to what eg 1.1.18 or 1.1.19?

@Tuicemen I also don’t use windows I use Ubuntu (Linux) and it has seemed to have been stable so far. (Probably cursed it now :wink: ).

I moved from Gene’s version to BE to get more functionality from my z-wave devises some of witch where not recognised/supported by Genes program, eg the improvement to the z-wave lib. Unless this has been changed I can’t go back.


@IanR I would stick with the BE version your running right now for normal use.
Gene has updated some of the documentation so maybe a read through will get you an Idea if any Zwave things were added. Other then that you could load up a spare SD card and just experiment with it.

I’ve seen this happen so many times when a project gets forked. Confusion on version types arises.

It’s unusual to fork a project to see the original version author release updates. Not really in the spirit of things I imagine.

There was mention here at one stage of possibly rewriting the entire code and possibly renaming the project which, in light of what is happening now might not be a bad thing.

I agree HomeGenieBE verses HomeGenie is confusing! Add to the fact there is little difference between the two right now (in looks or options) even adds to the confusion

I dont see why you lot find this so confusing, there are two seperate github repo’s!

Surely you know what version you are using?

At the moment I would say Gene’s version is a backwards step - there have been a lot of fixes in the BE version

I also don’t understand the confusion although the two are simular. The Bounz editions are clearly called HomeGenieBE However since Gene appears to be back it may be time to give HG-BE a new name and look.

It would be nice if Gene is back. But before I hear anything what his plan is with HG I wouldn’t put my hopes up too much.
He might disappear again for a year or two, or make necessary changes and then make HG commercials? We don’t know. And even with some progress. Without a forum for new people to get help HG won’t fly that high.

Also I think we need to acknowledge all the work that Bounz have done. And Gene should maybe take a look at that work? Because as I remember that was one of the problems that Gene did everything alone and he wanted more people to step up and help with bugs and new features.

But we’ll see. But some statement from Gene would be nice. What he plans to do.

I think the whole point of the fork was to move things on…Now let’s move on…The Gene debate is for another day…

Hi everybody.

Sorry for my absence on the forum, I’ve got a baby this summer so I have a very little time for hobbies and personal projects now :slightly_smiling_face:.

Anyway, I don’t know about Gene’s plans also. I invited him to this forum, but he didn’t join yet. I offered him to take a look at changes that I’ve made in my fork (https://github.com/genielabs/HomeGenie/pull/333#issuecomment-424066389), maybe at some point, this would be incorporated into HomeGenie.

The main problem for me is lack of the project’s roadmap and Gene’s personal plans and goals, so I can’t decide is it worth to invest in the original project.