Harware list

Is there a way to have a wiki / user assessable list.
I think it could be a good idea to have a list of hardware that works with HG and any known problems all in one table that the users can populate.
So when choosing hardware it is easer to see what connects and what dose not.
I could help newbies and give some confidence that others have tried it before them.


I would suggest adding a markdown file on the github repo and alter the readme to strip some of the crap out of their into a seperate doc as you describe and then link to it from readme.MD

just a suggestion though.

Nice idea.
You can start posting your hardware lists here and then we will create an .md file on the GitHub as @David_Wallis suggested.

Here is my short list

Controller : Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Z-Stick USB Controller, AEOEZW090-C
Comment: Works well and the include /exclude button is good, but dose stick out a long way.

Qubino Flush Dimmer Plus , ZMNHDD1
Comment: connects easily. nice dimmer but needs neutral wiring. Have not used or tried s2 or s3 inputs.
Qubino Fush Rlay, ZMNHAD1
Comment: Works and connects easily. Needs neutral wiring. Have not used or tried s2 or s3 inputs.

Devolo Home Control Wall Switch, 9505
Comment: Slow and fiddly to program but works well when done. Now no problems with HG-BE that I have found. I use them as group controllers.

Everything else it connected via Arduinos


My 5 cents:


Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090-C)


Aeotec MultiSensor 6 (ZW100-C)
Fibaro Universal Dimmer 500W (FGD-211, V2.2)
Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS-001 V2.4)
Fibaro Flood Sensor (FGFS-101, V2.3)
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor (FGK-101-107, V2.1)
Fibaro Wall Plug (FGWPF-102 ZW5 V3.2)
Z-wave.Me Floor Thermostat

I think we should also do an interface and program module list and maybe a url column?

For example

SMS Program - allows sending of SMS messages via a 3G dongle / modem. http://githublink.com


TexecomAlarm Panel


But we have all them in package manager…

not if they sit in other peoples github repos that they can control. I think someone posted once about subprojects but not sure.

Has any one used any Z-wave Radiator Valves with HG and if so witch ones and how good are they.
I am looking at getting some but would like to know if its worth me doing so.
Ian R

The package manager only includes what is downloadable in HG as Dave stated. I suspect that only gets updated on each HG update.
I noticed I can control just about anything with HG and custom programs. I mostly use X10 but heres my list.
CM15A (×10)
Broadlink RM
Zwave stick
3 Amazon Dots
1 Google Home mini

Wemo switch
Sonoff low voltage switch
Sonoff inline module
Several dozen x10 appliance and lamp modules
Several X10 inline modules
Several X10 wall switches
1 zwave appliance module
Several milight bulbs both white and color.
3 wijit appliance modules (don’t use the hub)

Several x10 door window sensors
A dozen x10 security motion sensors
X10 DS7000 console.

X10 Airsight xx70
X10 Airsight xx59
EASYN outdoor PTZ camera
Foscam indoor mpeg camera

IR Devices
Basicaly all my TVs which are non smart (LG, Samgung, Sharp)
My cable box (Cisco)
My Shaw direct satellite box
Window Air-con (Maytag)

Notes: I’ve yet to set every thing up in HG but I’ve been able to control these via Alexa utilizing HA-Bridge as a hub in the past. Since I’ve now created a bridge program for HG I can now use it as a middle man. This allows me to arm/Disarm the x10 security console when I arm HG. I’ve also been able to move my cameras to a preset with HA-Bridge.
Since I’m new to using HG and am in the process of moving every thing to a Pi it may be a while before all is running as once was.

Rpi 1 (master controller):
32 x Z-wave devices
MySensors MQTT via Arduino
Relays on Arduino Mega via TCP/IP

Rpi 2 (alarm system):
Envisalink 3
(connected to ADAMCO alarm system)

Rpi 3:

Rpi 4: (in garage)
Irrigation controller
2 x Temperature sensors

Rpi 5: (near pool pump)
rs485 to pool computer
4 x Temperature sensors
Relay modules for pool and garden lights

Rpi 6:
HDMI 4x4 matrix switch

1 x Echo
1 x Echo Show
2 x Echo Dot

2 x 7" Android tablet, wall mounted touch screen controllers

Ring door bell
Foscam R2