HG backup locked up

While attempting to add module to groups HG locked up so I tried a restore of a backup and now the HG home screen is really dimmed but I can read it I see a pop up every now an then stating HG event connected but the completing installation remains showing but is not advancing. Any have a suggestion. I’m using win 10 pro.

Update I tried a buster reboot then reopened HG I think its OK now

Try “sudo systemctl status homegenie.service” to see if that displays any info. Is it possible you tried to reinstall a back up with a different password?

A reboot usualy will fix things for now if it happens again try to figure out the cause prior to a reboot.

I was not asked for a password. I just browsed for my saved backup file and clicked restore. I have also done this in the past without a problem so I’m not sure what happened.

You need to check your HG log file. You Just type the following

sudo nano /usr/local/bin/homegenie/log/homegenie.log

You can navigate down to the last 20 lines or so to see if it indicates what may have happened. You can post them here if you wish.

Everything may look ok but maybe some of your config files are corrupted. Best to find out now instead of finding out from another crash.

Hello Petediscrete I copied and pasted the sudo command and it answered there is no file.

Sorry message was log doesn’t exist

Since I believe your running Buster using @Petediscrete install instructions try.
sudo nano homegenie/log/homegenie.log
as Home Genie isn’t in /usr/local/bin/

Try sudo nano

sudo nano /home/pi/homegenie/log/homegenie.log

I’m laughing here. Are you on 24 hour HG support.

LOL almost looks that way.

I thank you both
The commands ea of you recommended opened the log. I did not see anything in the logs that looked like an error. so far HG is functioning.

So there no mention of any failure of the restore you tried to perform. That’s strange. Is there anything in the log. How large/small is it. I’d be interested to see the contents.

When was the last time you did an update in Buster.

It might be worth checking your system log too. Simply type

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog -n 50 | more

Did you run a recent system update. There was a large update to Mono quite recently and checking your syslog may well reveal any problems to your system.

It may also be a good idea to stop the HG service then go to the Hg folder and run sudo mono HomeGenie.exe
This will display everything as it loads and runs in real time. If there is a issue in A HG program it won’t be long before it is displayed.
Note: when you exit this HG will stop so you’ll need to restart the HG service after.

Also you didn’t state how old the backup was. You should do a back up with each new HG build as some things get changed to work with newer packages. To old a backup could cause a lockup as drivers or obsolete code may be incompatible.
If this backup was prior to your moving to Buster you should make a new one however not before we find out if your setup is running problem free.

Thank you again for helping. I have not updated since the time
you provided me with instruction on how to do so. I thought I had
saved the info and I also researched the HG site and I cant find
it. I wonder if you would provide me again with complete
instructions if I should shut down HG first and the sudo command
needed for the update. I would really appreciate it. Edjal

I have not updated in a while. the last update I did included the RPi uprade to buster light so I’m OK there.

In buster it is probably best to shut dowm HG then do a update and upgrade.
Sudo apt update followed by sudo apt upgrade. Once that is done do sudo apt autoremove to clear obsolete packages. Then restart the pi.