HA-Bridge addition


I am having a hard time keeping track of the forum threads… I think I will quit this one and go full time to the other one

I have a doc started. it needs to be put together with Kevininv one… Meanwhile, I am writing as I learn.

I make backups as I go. save them with different names/dates. got it all. No clue why HG thru away my learned security DS10s and keyfobs. I retaught and saved again… BTW the restore did tnot bring them back - I had to go thru the whole process again…

Here is what I have so far: good golly I cannot figure how to attach a file here!! Help?

In the meantime, here is link to my doc on my dropbox:

Can someone help integrate this into Kevininv’s good doc?


I can’t keep all these different threads in sync. So I am closing up on this one and moving over to:

All further questions and doc updates will be there.

Sorry for confusion.


No confusion to me thanks for including the link to the other thread.