Google Home plugin

Hi all,

I am creating the Google Home Plugin.

I will like to know how many people are interested in it.

The reason is that Google Home need a cloud server to connect and then the request is send to individual instance. For now, the Cloud part is hosted on my personal PI.

I may offer beta testing in a few weeks.

For the plugin to work, it need to be exposes to the www, and best required a HTTPS connection.

PS. where can I host the cloud part???
How can we support the cost ?
This is the only thing hodling me.

I’m interested in this. I have both google home and Alexa but currently only use alexa for my HA setup.

I wonder if it would be better for each end user to setup their own server using one of the free web services like or on a pi as you’ve done. It would save having to worry about financing a server.

I am very much interested in this.

Would be very kind of saue0 to share his plugin with us

@saue0 have you made any progress on this?

I almost finished the cloud part.
It a node application using Mysql as database.
It will be running on my personnal Raspberry Pi.
Please PM me your Google Email account. I need to give you access to the Google Home

1001-Google_Home.hgx (17.2 KB)

Here are the instruction:
Install the hgx.
goto to register.
configure your user.
copy the user id to Home Genie:

Then for each device you want to be exposed to Google Home, check the option in it

The mod and toggle part is not 100% ready.

Then go on your smart phone in the Google Home application and add an account to this application :
[test] Home Genie, If you do not see it, its because I did not gave you the access for it. Since it’s still in beta and not yet approved by google.

Im using it for the past year. But it’s still a work in progress.

Remenber : Your Home Genie server must be assessible from the WEB and protected.

I attempted to do the register part and once I clicked register it threw me back to the registration screen. There was no confirmation of registration the registration screen returns with my Google info but none of my HG info. I did notice when it returns to the registration screen a new google user ID is displayed.
So I’m wondering if it (registration) worked or not!
Looking forward to testing!
Ok Second attempt seemed to work as it threw me back to login.

Corrected the registration problem.
You where registered correctly the first time.
I also added you to the Google Action project as a viewer. hope this will be ok to add the Home Genie action to your Google Home application
PS. the Sync option will stop working some time because the Google Action is only in dev mode.
each time i reactivate it, it require all user to redo the linking in Google Home. If everythig is OK , I will try to post for a production release with Google in a near future.

I tried to host my cloud part on a shared host on A2Hosting, and it is not perfect, so for now I switched back to my PI as the server.
If this plugin get a lot of attention, I will need to Host it elswere,

ok I don’t think I kept a copy of the registration id from that instance if I log in again will it display that to me? Never mind it will!

Can you select the dashboard. it will return the list of device that will be shown in Google Home

For the URL , please add http:// ou https:// to your IP address

@saue0 The Google api key is blank in HG setup, do I need to get one for this as well if so where and how?

This key is use to request a sync the device list to Google Home
Its a unique ID , It’s not required ,
Since the Sync is done at the moment you link in Google Home,
or by asking “Ok Google , synchronise my device”
It’s also available in the dashboad

ok I assume I’m all setup on your end however I can’t find [test] Home Genie in the google home app yet I’ll test again later

I changed your pemission to Editor
Go to this adress to see if you cans see it

Ok yes I can see it and click on it but los. It did add English language as only French was a option

Since you change someting, I tink we need to push it for testing again… and we will all need to relink…

ah sorry about that :roll_eyes: have learn not to touch!