Google Home plugin


Hi all,

I am creating the Google Home Plugin.

I will like to know how many people are interested in it.

The reason is that Google Home need a cloud server to connect and then the request is send to individual instance. For now, the Cloud part is hosted on my personal PI.

I may offer beta testing in a few weeks.

For the plugin to work, it need to be exposes to the www, and best required a HTTPS connection.

PS. where can I host the cloud part???
How can we support the cost ?
This is the only thing hodling me.


I’m interested in this. I have both google home and Alexa but currently only use alexa for my HA setup.

I wonder if it would be better for each end user to setup their own server using one of the free web services like or on a pi as you’ve done. It would save having to worry about financing a server.