Current active HG users

Just trying to gauge the amount of HG users still active on this forum. Would it be possible to reply here indicating this.

Also, and more importantly, do any of you have coding in C#, Python or Ruby. The reason I ask is very little productivity has occurred with HG outside the recent round of upgrades provided by Gene, unlike the activity that occurred in the old HomeGenie forum. Again would it be possible to indicate this too.

Obviously we are all very familiar with the Wizard Script which is quite powerful in itself and modifying widgets etc, most of which are still available on the old HomeGenie forum but more complex automations will require coding. Some of the best programs in HG were provided by the user base and it would be nice to start that exchange of ideas again.

I know that @bkenobi @Bounz and @David_Wallis are active from time to time and have contributed some fine work to the project. It would be nice if we could build on this work.

We do have stiff competition from the likes of Home Assistant, Domoticz and OpenHAB now but I reckon we could build on past successes again.

still here… c# only in hg for me

Great to see you’re still here @David_Wallis and still active with HG. Some great contributions in the past and sorely missed.

I am still here but only use HG as a bridge from Hubitat to X10 basically.

When I was active I was using C#.

Got tired or too many issues with HG… and for my allegiance… now Hubitat reliability is also falling through the floor… Home Automation is only for those who want another hobby I guess . :slight_smile:

Great to hear you’re still persevering @kevinvinv . A lot of of home automation programs come with their own difficulties but I can report that HG is working quite stable with Raspbian Buster.

Your C# contributions would be more than welcome here as you know. It would be nice to see you back here with your contributions.

Thanks @petediscrete !

oldcanuck here. I have at times asked a question or two and alqays got extremely good answers, but the days of me coding anything are far in the past. Most of my components date from the 80’s and my controllers no longer function. This program has been wonderful to keep old equipment functioning and keep us more safe at night.

windows 10 , android app on 3 phones, and a whole lot of really old modules.

Hi @oldcanuck glad to see you’re still using HG.

Yes it’s great for both old and some new technologies. Still running stable on the latest version of Raspbian Buster on Raspberry Pi 3+.

The collaboration and sharing of ideas is what made HG such a useful program and long may that last. The more sharing of ideas the better.

The latest version appears to be working solidly so maybe you could start contributing your experiences here again.

Hi everybody!

A lot has been changed during the last 1.5 years: I’ve become a father and got a promotion at work, so now I mostly manage developers instead of coding myself =)

All these changes lead to a “no free time” problem: mostly I spend it with a family or trying to recover after tough work week. That’s why I don’t contribute to HG and answer here on forums (and also because mostly questions are related to X10 and I don’t have experience with it).

Meanwhile, HG is stable and doesn’t require my attention (I use my own dockerized version) so I don’t have to think about it.

Have a good day!

Hi everyone!
I usually check this forum 2 or three times a week at least. I’m late jumping on the HG band wagon and although I use to code in VB, C# isn’t to had to convert to.
My HA season doesn’t usualy start till 2nd week of Dec. During that time I usually attempt to tweak some part of my setup which is mostly but not limited to X10.

Great to hear from you @Bounz1 . Life is good. Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us HomeGenie users so :joy:

Yes there was an upsurge in interest in X10 but again that is only a fraction of the capabilities of HomeGenie as you well know.

HomeGenie does indeed to appear stable running under the latest Raspbian release, Raspbian Buster but all software needs ongoing development to keep apace with ever evolving technologies

Are you coding in VB and now C#. I understood from you that you weren’t a coder. Maybe I misunderstood you.

That’s great news. Loads of C# code contributions required here. Maybe you could work on that wonderful contribution from @David_Wallis, the HG EchoBridge from his GitHub that’s currently not working in its current format. I’m sure many of the HomeGenie users and particularly the X10 group would welcome a working solution. I look forward to that.

I am still here as well. No C++ skills on this end.

Not really a coder just a novice at best Though I did write a number of programs using the x10 AHP SDK.
Id have to dig into the alexa Api. I know AMAZON changed things and port 80 must be used now for software bridges.

No but you’re still an active HG user. The more the merrier to get this forum kickstarted again. Nice to hear from you again @ACorlin

I look forward to that.

Still Active buster has been running very well

Good news. Those install instructions obviously worked well. Hope you’re being productive now.

Still active, but took it a bit easy for a while. All my HG systems work without intervention, have done for a few years now. Recently started developing again.

It’s the same for most users.No real updates happening to HG these days so everyone personalizing their own installs.Nice to hear you’re still using it.