Zwave thermostat setpoint not working - gocontrol

I have 2 gocontrol zwave thermostats. I can control the fan and set the modes heat/cool/off and it properly reports the termperature but is not setting the setpoint. When I change the setpoint on the device HG reflects the new setpoint. When I change the setpoint in HG I see the thermostate display flash the heat sign indicating it received a signal, but the setpoint does not change.

2019-10-15 06:53:10.2339 Info HomeAutomation.ZWave 20 ZWave Node Thermostat.SetPoint.Heating 23.6

Has anyone run into this before or can you point me in the direction of troubleshooting I need to run down on this?

I’m not a ZWave user myself but have a read of this. Your problem may lie here Zwave questions