Z-Wave Devolo Home Control Wall Switch

I have many of these switches in my system currently but I cant get them to work with HG.
HG finds them and can be used to set them up. But HG dose not recognise a button press, At the moment I use them setup to directly communicate with the respective light module but it would be good if I can see them being used in HG and get them to start scenes or a programs.

In the old forum it says they use COMMAND_CLASS_CENTRAL_SCENE (0x5B) do you know if this class works in HG?


Hi, @IanR.

Looks like this command class is implemented in ZWaveLib.

Unfortunately, as I can see, Genie’s version of ZWave MIG interface doesn’t support these commands.
They are present in my build, but it’s not ready for production usage right now. You can give it a try to check if your devices will work with new release.

Thank you for your reply.
I have updated a test bed and in the event History I can now see the buttons being pressed and what they are sending to the light. (eg status.level = 0 or 99)

But the widget (icon) for the switch dose to seam to respond to the press.
I have only just got this working so I will continue to ingestive and next I will try and see it I can get scene contrail to work.

What kind of widget do you use? If it’s possible - attach a screenshot, please.

As I can understand from product’s description they are not “switches” but only buttons to activate different scenes. In this case, they don’t have a state, they only say to the controller “Please, be so kind and activate scene No1”. And it’s the responsibility of the controller then to turn on or off different devices (switches, dimmers, thermostats).
So I think you should not see the state of your Devolo Wall Switches anywhere in HG’s interface.

Sorry cant send pic at moment not at computer.
I am using the standard switch widget.
I will try the scenes as soon as possible.
Thank you for including this class.
I will have a play with the different settings on the switches and report back when I can.