X10 security modules not updating in latest ver?

HomeGenie Version v1.3-stable.5

I was about to add some schedulers to my security modules; I want to text myself (and email) andy doors NOT closed, 10 minutes prior to when my X10 alarm arms.

Found they are not being updated! They are working but HG is not updating when a door opens or closes.

Posted in x10 forum also.

I had HG switch my sensors to just battery level readings in the past. Go to configurethe group the sensors are in find the troubled sensor and click on the 3 bars to the right of it. Edit battery.level to read Sensor.Tamper and change the value to zero then click save. Some times the battery level stays but you can edit its value to zero nothing and that will stop ot from displaying

Yes, my batt indicator did stay when I tried this previously. I replied on other site:

thanks. I did that once and it did not change it - HG still only reported receiving battery level on close sig. I’m not too worried about that as HG itself seems broken in this version and that needs fixing. As long as it does not start reporting doors OPEN when time comes for it to set the actual alarm, it does its job still. It is just a minor disruption to not be able to look at HG to see status of the doors, like at nite if the alarm is really triggered. Now I have to go out and around the buildings to find the problem. I assume the next HG update will catch and fix the fault (I hope).