X10 "repeat" function

I am slowly learning HG as a super newbie. I am now working on scheduling on/offs…

In my researching the fine posts and help here, I saw one in old. from kevinvinv showing how he programmed a command to turn on every 20 minutes thru its ON time…

In X10 world, we had a feature called “repeat:” if clicked, the ON or OFF command was sent repeatedly for a short while to help make it happen.

In HG scheduler, there is cool code snippets for turn ON, turn OFF, and turn ON/OFF range…

Would someone be willing to program snippets for:

turn ON with repeat
turn OFF with repeat
and turn ON/OFF range with repeat?

I think you could just modify Kevin’s 20 minute code to send a burst of the command, say 1x per 5 sec for 30 seconds so our old X10 units REALLY hear it!

Anyone please?

I’m new to HG as well but I think you can do some of this with a simple macro.
Use the macro recorder, click the x10 module on then click it again then click save you can then change the pause from 1 second to something else if you wish.

Sweet idea! Thanks for the idea!