X10 AllOn and AllOff

There was a request to implement the AllOn and AllOff commands correctly in 2016. I went back to the old forum to see if that was ever accomplished, but it looks like the request just sat and died as usual. I was curious if anyone ever implemented the fix for their own setup. It should be really easy to do which makes me wonder why Gene never did it. Basically, HG loops through all modules for a given house code and sends the hail and then On/Off command. Each module takes around 0.5s, so that means the full command takes around 6 seconds. The actual X10 command would be a single pair resulting in a 0.5s response time for ALL modules on the HC. This should be as simple as changing the HG code at the following locations:

I don’t need the command currently (may never actually), but it seems like this should be done. There’s also a builtin X10 command for AllLightsOn (none for AllLightsOff though). This would also be easy to add.

I don’t know if anyone here is a coder but I thought I’d throw the suggestion out there if anyone wanted an easy way to get your feet wet. David was about the only one I know was submitting a LOT of code and I’m not sure if he’s here.

If you mean me then I am, but bounz is submitting more than me , I don’t have x10 to test with though.

I found that the x10 all on and all off works now pretty decent actually. I think I was one of those asking for it back in 2016. As you can see- the comment in the code indicates that R512 or later is necessary for this to work…


if (module.Is(“AllOnOff”) && parameter.Statistics.Last.Value==0)
var DuskToDawn = Modules.InDomain(“HomeAutomation.X10”).WithAddress(“A1”).Get();
Night = (DuskToDawn.Parameter(“Status.Level”).DecimalValue == 1) ;
if (Night) {
Program.Notify(“hello”,“All On”); // display a little pop-up message when this code runs
Program.ApiCall(“HomeAutomation.X10/A/Control.AllLightsOn”); // These commands only work on r512 and later

I went back and looked again. I was basing the OP on old notes, but it does look as though it sends a direct command now. It doesn’t do all lights on for some reason. And, all lights off would have to be done through the old method as would book keeping for all lights on.

These two web commands work:


I use them with ifttt and my google home.