Will a Rasberry Pi automatically restart after power outage?

My home is subject to random power outages due to the rural nature of the place.
I am using an HP streaming computer to run HG now. I have it configured to automatically restart into HG when there is a power interruption.
Will I be able to do the same with a RasPi unit?
Thank you for the help.

Applying power to a Raspberry Pi after an outage will indeed power up a Raspberry Pi. Assuming you have your HG service file set to restart=always HG will indeed be launched. The problems start when HG suffers an abnormal shutdown. This can corrupt files on the SD card or physically damage the SD card which would destroy your HG install.

Keeping a HG image on a secondary SD card located close to your RPI will minimise downtime. Of course you could use a cheap UPS attached to your RPI similar to this to prevent the above. Pi UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply for Raspberry Pi – Pi Supply

I can attest to corrupt SD card files from power outage shut downs. In my case switching to small cheap 16 & 32gb USB SSD solved 90% of these issues.

I have had a small $20 unused UPS powering one location for a couple years now; solved the issue for good.

A properly configured UPS can of course either do an orderly shutdown of HG in the event of a power outage or keep it running until power mains is restored. This alone would negate the need for the extra overhead of an SSD.

Where is the SSD powered from. USB or GPIO or externally powered. What model RPI is deployed on the install. Has the power supply got the overhead to cover the additional draw from the SSD.