Whole house music


I am looking at getting a new house and doing the planning at the moment so i can sort the cabling…

One thing I am considering is using a more PLC based approach for controling things such as heating and lighting as I cannot afford for these to be unreliable… For this aspect I am thinking of using Loxone… but then still using homegenie to do the integration with that… (there is also loxberry but I cant use C# and would have to port a lot of code…)

Anyway been looking at whole house audio systems and found this:


Which Is just a front end around squeeze players but exposes a HTTP interface for controlling - so it could be used with Homegenie :smiley:

I have it currently running using a USB soundcard and just 2 channels as I dont have enough pc speakers kicking about to test with… you can then use the same amp that loxone re-brand which looks to be a Dayton…

So may use a couple of these: https://www.daytonaudio.com/index.php/home-audio-video/audio-amplifiers/multi-zone/ma1260-multi-zone-12-channel-amplifier-60wpc.html

Anyway thought I would post it here before I forget!

Just set up the text to speech plugin this morning using Amazon aws polly…

the server has a url that you can call with text and it will convert that to a mp3 and play it in the specified zone!

David, I got stuck at PLC on your post. Your reference is to PLC as Programable Logic Control? If so….

For many years I observed electricians working with PLC control in a manufacturing environment, but did not learn ladder logic or structured text myself. You may already be aware of The OpenPLC Project. If not: www.openplcproject With a RPi and relay board I have managed the basics.

The project I have been working on is a dumb waiter sized attic lift. I did not want to sort out HomeGenie going to turn a porch light on or looking up the current weather conditions while the lift is in motion. So far, in my proof of concept, OpenPLC is doing well.

Using PLC control for heating and cooling has some merit. In my case the actual start up and shut down of a boiler would still need to be controlled by the boiler. A PLC program could add safety features, like over/under pressure, stack temp, and zone control. Using HomeGenie for the HMI and ambient data collection would be great for continuity.

Best wishes on your new house adventure.