What's up with the WU widget/

My WU is starting to act up it is displaying low temperatures where it should be displaying Highs and highs in the lows. as well the three day forecast doesn’t start at the next day which today should be Tuesday. Instead it starts at Thursday.
It also appears to show yesterdays forecast as it says 0% of rain and it has been raining on and off all day , certainly more then 0% chance.
Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my setup?

I’m not sure if my API key got changed as I just cut and pasted it again into the widget and restarted the service. This seems to have fixed the temperature and 3 day forecast display but it is still reading 0% rain and it is still raining :crazy_face:

I’m new to HG so is this common to have to restart the WU service?

It seems that Weather Underground has completely closed free access to their API https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/

Yes, however I still have an active API key.
I suspect they will bring back the free keys when users start moving their PWS info elsewhere. Free PWS info is what helped build this organization.

Like all good things free access to WU has ended. Commercial vendors are now supplying an API key with their systems. The payment to WU is built into their systems sale price.

If your setup really depended on weather reports you could purchase a key from WU.

There’s a few other weather utilities in the MIG installer that may be of use to you.

If its a paid option then I would remove it from being a pre-installed widget, didnt the jkutils have some other option in it?

My member ship indicates paid until 2019 so the widget still should and does work (other then yesterday) until then.
I suspect in 2019 my WU widget will cease to work but if it starts to act up regularly I’ll be removing it before that.

I actually use both WU and OW (Open Weather) so yes there is another option to use.

@David_Wallis I agree WU should be removed from being preinstalled.
the jkutils (Open Weather) widget works well and I believe it actually may have more triggerable conditions.

There’s a bit of work to be done on HomeGenie now. For Raspberry Pi users having to bind to Mono 5.6 is not ideal.

It’s all about time that people can dedicate to further development of HomeGenie. Not easy when you have a day job to consider as well documented by the original author.

Still I’m sure we will all get there eventually.

@Petediscrete - you are welcome to do some yourself, but in terms of not including the module - its a minor alteration to a few xml programs.

However - work needs to be done to productionise any existing modules. JKutils was named such because of the original contributor - but it may be time to write a new module or just embed the functionality in the core code via an interface (c# interface not hg interface).

Personally i would vote deciding on the api/source and then move from there.

There are a number of weather sites that offer free API keys
Open Weather allows you to create extra free Keys which is a nice option.
I created an extra key so I have one for each HG location.
JKutils did indicate the widget could be approved upon.

You’re the C# aficionados here so I’ll listen to wise advice.

It certainly would make sense to go the C# route. A lot more maintainable if the code is well documented too.

I wouldnt say that, but now might be a good time to learn :smiley:

Nothing like a project to motivate the learning :smiley:

I will say looking through sample C# code around the net the code documentation is practically non existent. Some very useful utilities but the authors seem to knock them together for their own use and release them into the wild :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Tuicemen strange one here. I had to restart my router for maintenance purposes so I restarted HomeGenie. The weather widget has just restarted and a fully updated three day weather forecast is showing up.

I’m using a free API key I registered a while back so it is a strange one indeed

I think WU is messing with (updating) the free accounts as my account never use to have a expiry

I found WU a little temperamental at times. Maybe doing a script to restart the WU widget during the day may help.

I have moved to just Open Weather on my city HG if I have to reset it every day it will get removed from this HG as well.

What interval have you set for fetching data.

Have you tried restarting the weather widget from the widget on the Dashboard

just the default of 60

my WU is working and haven’t needed to reset (yet)but yes I did try from the Dashboard