What would you like HG to do but can't?

I keep reading users are moving to other HA software because HG has failed to keep up. Addon programs make it possible for HG to keep up.
Post what you’d like your HG to do but can’t currently here. I’m not saying someone will have away to do it but one of the creative users may not have thought of doing it and has the skill to do it. You just never know there may already be a little know addon program sitting some where too.
Some users like my self have a dozen or more programs created for thier setups but not added them to the repository yet. Wishing to fine tune them prior or thinking since they posted elsewhere thats enough maybe?
This thread is more for the users that don’t wish to create something thier self, not for those looking for help creating programs, scripts or timers. Please don’t respond with how tos.

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Convert a .ahp file to HG file!

Coverting a AHP configuration fileto a HG configuration file would be a one time use creation. I doubt anyone with the skills woyld take the time to create such a thing as it would be easier to just manualy configure HG. However the creation of AHP lifejacket is a simular one time use coded project so you just never know.