What OS are you primarily running HG on?

  • Windows
  • Linux (desk top)
  • Raspbian(Raspberry pi)
  • Mac
  • Other

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It has been mentioned to me on several occasions that this forum is primarily Windows user based.
If this is true then that maybe why the forum seems to have low participation. However since HG will run on a few different OS I’m left wondering what everyone is using?
I am a primary Windows user however I don’t run HG on it it is just to slow. My HG pi runs circles around HG on my Windows machine. That said my Linux machine with HG runs circles around both. Still my primary OS that HG runs on is Raspbian on my Pi. I’ve never played with a Mac however I’d hope to see a even number of users for each OS on this forum.

I began HG life trying on windows: it failed horrrendously. I gave up on it and moved to other home automation programs. Only when I came back a couple years later and did the pi version did I find how good it is. but on windows? no freakin way.

I also tried HG on Window originally and also not impressed, however that was when it was in its infancy. Windows loads so much unneed software that reduces the mem and cpu power available. I guess if you have a nice new Pc with a fast Cpu and lots of mem there is no issue. The fact that HG will run on an inexpensive pi zero w (and very well) shows it will run on an old PC. However you can’t use a new Windows Os on it too.