Weather underground API

I’ve read that WU stopped working last year for good, but I can still log in to my account and see that there is a different API key from last time it worked. I read a while back that if you had a PWS attached, it would allow you to continue using the API key but I don’t think that’s still true. Has anyone gotten WU to work or have an alternative? I have some other things that are linked to WU so it would be nice to get access to localized current and historical data. I’m sure I could figure out something with my PWS cloud account, but haven’t looked yet.

Thanks for asking. I am interested and thus replying so I see any other replies. :slight_smile:

The alternatives as far as I can see is

  1. Dark Sky which is working away fine with Home Assistant. Work will need to be carried out on HG to integrate this.

  2. Apixu which HomeSeer uses. Here’s the GitHub for the api

  3. OpenWeather which HG currently uses. Not sure if it’s versatile enough for automation purposes but this is an interesting GitHub

Open weather seems like the obvious first try since it’s already incorporated. Assuming there are enough types of data in the json, it would just be a matter of parsing it for app use.

The real issue is underlined by WU going away though. This is just another cloud service that many people have invested time into utilizing just to have it die off. I’m once again thinking that local devices make more sense and require no more coding than trying to use the cloud. I already have a weather station that talks on 433mhz, but I still have no way to decode the traffic.

Is the Serial I/O MIG of any use to you. How does your weather station connect to the Raspberry Pi.

I’ve used Serial I/O with sensors attached to an Arduino UNO. Again it fed raw sensor data to HG but you’d need to develop an interface in HG to use that data usefully.

The drawback to settling on any single weather api only becomes apparent when it’s terms and conditions for use change or ongoing development of HG halts.

I use the open weather api but the included program for it in HG needs to be tweaked to get humidity values and some other things. The jkutils openweather program also works well wirh HG. My PWS ceased to work just prior to WU closing the free api key so using another api wasn’t a big deal. Open weather also has support for PWS so it is a good option.

Most of that tweaking you refer to can be done locally. It’s fairly straightforward. In fact a number of users have already done this.

To be honest, most of those weather API’s provide very general and random location weather reports and I wouldn’t rely on them for any serious automations.

As @bkenobi mentioned a personal weather station is the way forward. Just need some utility to handle one in HG.

It’s highly unlikely we will see any further development on HG for the foreseeable future so maybe it’s time for a fresh fork of the project. It’s certainly worth considering.

True the most accurate way is the PSW route for current conditions. However the api of different cloud based services provide a 15 day forecast. Though these are never truely accurate the 3 day one is close.
I’ve used both the Api cloud services and my PWS to get the best of both.

15 day forecast. 5 minutes is a good forecast in today’s world.

I’m building a Python based weather station based around the Pi Sense Hat using a flask server. It should have its own web app. At least I’ll get weather conditions relevant to my actual geographic location which I could consider using in automations. I can of course feed the lot back to Dark Sky and feed off their comprehensive database if needed.

I’ll look at setting up something in HG to handle this but at the moment OW is of no real value to me.

Maybe if other users of HG and the RPI could join in a similar project we could put something truly useful together for HG.