W800RF Virtual Modules

I’m seeing some very strange behavior while trying to use the W800RF MIG. I’m using it mostly with DS10A door/window sensors. When I initially set up the sensor, I see the virtual module appear, and I can use it. I’ve slightly modified the SmartLights plugin to work better with them.

The problem is that some time later, the virtual modules VANISH, and I see the “Undefined module” in the Group where I’ve previously seen the proper W800RF X10 virtual module. Sometimes they spontaneously re-appear.

When they are gone, they are really GONE … SmartLights doesn’t see or use the sensor anymore.

Hi, @cooldog.

Does this happen after restarting HG or during normal exploitation?

Just normal use. One moment they are there, then they are “Undefined”, then they are back again. I can’t think of anything I’m doing in particular that triggers the change.

Does this happen only with W800RF Virtual Modules? What version of HG do you use?

Seems to be only the W800RF virtual modules. I’m using a few Z-Wave multi-instance/channel virtual modules without any issues. Running HomeGenie Version 1.1 beta r526 on big Xeon-powered file server running Ubuntu 17.04

I also have an X10 Pro CM15A, but I’m getting close to replacing all my X10 switches, so I won’t need it much longer. I’d like to keep the W800RF, since the X10 RF sensors are cheap and already installed.