VPN, Wrong Location, Fahrenheit v Celsius, etc

All temperatures displayed in Celsius, which is not useful for people in the USA. Also having to override locations. I don’t travel. My computer is NEVER in the UK or the US East coast, yet my location keeps showing up either as New York, New York or Plymouth, UK instead of Plymouth, Indiana. Since the US Government foolishly rejected net neutrality so that ISPs can charge more money for less service while spying on their customers, a VPN is necessary for security. PLEASE don’t use my server’s location, because my server location hops all around the world several times a day, but I’m always here in Plymouth Indiana. I don’t want to see temperatures in Celsius, distances in kilometers, prices in Euros, or search results and advertisements in German. They just don’t help me.

I tried Configure-Maintenance-User Interface and changed the setting to Fahrenheit. but it didn’t help. I tried switching it back to Celsius and then changing it to Fahrenheit. That didn’t make a difference except that now the widget has a status message that says “Waiting for Data.” What is it waiting for? Weather Underground displays the temperature in Fahrenheit, but it ignores my chosen location and substitutes the roving VPN location instead, so I see temperatures from locations thousands of miles from my home in Fahrenheit. I have set the location in WU three times. It knows my chosen location, but it ignores it.

Location is set my specifying Lat / Long in your settings.

Temperature unit is configurable isnt it? (I havent changed it as I am in the UK and use celcius…

Weatherunderground plugin does use GEO IP I believe, but I would need to dig into the source code to find out why it ignores you specifying it though.

I don’t have this problem. But it is strange that another user can’t change from C to F on the old forum?

So maybe something else controlls this? I’m mostly annoyed that I can’t change language in HG. That it is the system or browser language who decides what to use. I would like to be able to change this in HG.

I took a look at the sources and found out that C/F parameter is stored in browser’s local storage, so if you change this configuration parameter in settings on one device it won’t change on another automatically. I think this was made to support different clients of HG as it doesn’t have a concept of user.

@David_Lloyd, I tried to reproduce your problem, but everythings works as expected. I changed Configure-Maintenance-User Interface and changed the setting to Fahrenheit

and entered Plymouth, Indiana into settings of Weather Underground:

And after that all temperatures on the dashboards are shown in Fahrenheit:

Please, check that you don’t have autoip in your location (City name) setting of Weather Underground.