View pictures from Inside HG?


I’ve been playing with a Kinects 360 and attempted to stream (using several methods) but I’ve been unsuccessful. I can get HG to take pictures using the 360
However I’d like to view these in HG. I could possibly use the Generic camera app or a modified version of it for this but I’m stumped as to where the image/s should be stored to have HG displaying them.
I could store them in the background or icon folders I suppose, but maybe some one already is doing something like what I’m attempting to do.


I developed this for the Xbox One Kinect in a custom MIG module. I used the latest Kinect SDK.
Here’s the main code:

KinectCam.cs.txt (14.2 KB)

When properly installed and configured you can use these commands:

Turn on Kinect:

Get Image from Kinect (this URL is what you can configure in the generic camera app):

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Awesome @amselem. I’ll check that out.I should have mentioned I’m doing this on a RPi, Not Windows so I’m unsure your code will work till I look it over unless you can confirm it works on a pi.


@amselem the code you supply won’t help me in my attemps.:disappointed:
Also being a RPI all those functions would surely slow things down. Since I already can take a picture with the Kinects and view that I simply need to pull that into HG. I can refresh the pic with a new one so it would give the illusion of streaming.


Exact, the code I posted is using the official Kinect SDK , and I’m afraid is for Windows only.

In your case, AFAIK there’s no way for HG to read a random .jpeg from the filesystem so what I would do is something similar like the code I posted (a MIG module) but stripping all the Kinect SDK code, and in the /GetImage method simply read and return the file from a known location from the filesystem.

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Good idea I’ll play with that, thanks