Versioning rules and Branching model

Versioning rules

We will use semantic versioning as described here and here.

Right now we will start to work on V1.2.0 as we will have significant changes compared to V1.1.15: new statistics DB, new folder structure. If we will need to make patches/hotfixes for V1.2.0, those versions will be V1.2.1, V1.2.2 and so on. And the next development version will be V1.3.0.

At the same time assembly versions will also contain build number, like and I want to show this version in UI like V1.2.0 (build 76). Build number will increment with each build (so it doesn’t reset to 0 when major/minor/patch version is incremented).

Branching model

As we give a try to trunk based development, we always create new branch for a feature/issue from master branch. Use following template to name a feature branch HGBE-githubIssueNumber (ex. HGBE-48 for work on

When the work on issue is finished create a pull request (PR) from that branch to master. TeamCity will perform a build for that PR and run unit-tests. If everything is OK - merge pull request and delete feature-branch (GitHub offers you to do this after merging PR).

When work on version is finished (all issues targeting that version are done) - we will create a tag or version branch (from master) and TeamCity will build that branch and publish a new release on the GitHub.

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There are a number of very useful programs which were submitted via the old HomeGenie forum and worked up to V526. There is one in particular which I cannot get functioning properly with V1.1.15. I’ve already posted extensively on this issue

Will all these plans for new development incorporate the previous programs in any new versions or do we abandon these programs and start from scratch.

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I think we need to try and make them work and move them to a new location once tested :slight_smile:

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I plan to remain backward compatibility in 1.x versions, while 2.x may break it so it would be needed to manually change some of API calls.

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I’ve got all the programs that I use working stable on v526 so I’ll revisit your version as and when you’ve decided what direction you are taking.

Looking forward to a stable release.

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