V1.3 beta.17 won't backup HG

Just updated from v1.3stable.5 and now it will not backup my HG: says error 404 on command:

Any work arounds other than making a new SD image?

Stay with the stable release. 1.3 v 14 https://github.com/genielabs/HomeGenie/releases/tag/v1.3-stable.14

The beta versions were only for testing and that bug was reported in the GitHub.

If you want to continue testing and need to backup and are using Linux you can take a clone image using rpi-clone or whatever software you use to take a copy of an sd card.

Tnx. I am not staying on top of changes. I will stick with this till next stable come along. I made new SD card with my MiniTool Partician Wizard and am using it so it works (funny thing, my goto sd image maker, imageUSB.exe failed every try to make an image about 5% in). Thanks for the info.