V1.1.21 released


This version introduces an update support for docker based distribution and also fixes some bugs (backported from HomeGenie). Also, issue with timezone synchronization while running in Docker was fixed.

Installation scripts are the same:

  • The regular installation which will install mono first
    wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/direct/installer.sh | bash

  • Docker installation
    wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/docker/installer.sh | bash

Closed GitHub issues:

HGBE-87. Fixed issue with timezone synchronization while running in Docker..

Other fixes

  • Using the same data and logs directories as a non-docker installation by default.
  • Fixes to installer.sh
  • Fix error installing packages with no ‘uid’ specified. Backport from HomeGenie.
  • Removed deprecated SchedulerItem.ProgramId. Backport from HomeGenie.
  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘onChange’ of null. Backport from HomeGenie.
  • Renamed project HomeGenieTests to HomeGenie.UnitTests.
  • Fix: Failing interface will not affect shut down procedure.


Nice work @Bounz !!!


Thank you. I have upto date mono and HG ver beta.16

My question: to update my .16 to a newer version (this one) do I just use the regular install line you show here? Or do I need to uninstall first somehow?

Thank you.


Hi, @mike.
As I understand right now you have non-docker installation and if it is V1.1.16 and the folder structure is an old fashion.
I recommend you to make a backup of your HG settings (through UI) and backup of HG installation folder. Then remove the HG installation folder and run one of the commands in the first post depending on what installation type you prefer. After installing the new version just restore settings from the backup.