V1.1.19 released (for testing purposes only)

This version fixes some bugs with docker installation introduced in V1.1.18.

Now docker installation uses host network (--network="host" in docker run command), thus HG uses port configured in systemconfig.xml. Also this helps with interfaces like Alexa Bridge, because they create their own web server and are using UDP multicast listening.
Also now docker installation uses the same folder to store data and logs as regular installation does (/usr/local/bin/hgbe/data and /usr/local/bin/hgbe/logs by default).

Installation scripts are the same:

  • The regular installation which will install mono first
    wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/direct/installer.sh | bash

  • Docker installation
    wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/docker/installer.sh | bash

Closed GitHub issues:

HGBE-82. Changing http port with UI breaks HG inside docker
HGBE-85. Can’t compile programs

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Thank you @Bounz for your work.