V1.1.18 released (for testing purposes only)

This version is mostly for testings install scripts and restoring backups from HG v525+.
Despite I use it in my environment for more than 2 months it’s not intended to work stable so please do not use it in your production environment.

Main goals of this versions were:

  • Move all user files (such as settings, installed interfaces, statistics database) away from the binary files of HG. This change involved a lot of refactoring in backup/restore code, installing packages and load installed interfaces during system startup.
  • Replace system dependant SQLite with embeddable LiteDB.
  • Prepare docker images (now only for ARM architecture). This allows simpler installation when you don’t care about mono at all.
  • Prepare installation scripts to simplify the user experience. Now you can install HG on your machine with this commands:
    • wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/direct/installer.sh | bash
      The regular installation which will install mono first (tested on Raspbian 9, Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and Debian 8.10 and 9.4)
    • wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE/master/Utils/HgBootstrapper/docker/installer.sh | bash
      Docker installation (tested in Raspbian 9 on RPi 2)

So for now if you have some free time I ask you to try to install HGBE on a clean system using one of the commands above (just copy-paste it in terminal) and try to restore your settings from the backup from the main HG installation.

Also, please report all issues using private messages as it will be hard to maintain all such comments in this topic.


The updater will not work for docker install.
No Docker image for x86_x64 systems (only ARM).
No Windows installer (download and extract zip archive and run HomeGenie.exe directly or through NSSM).

Closed GitHub issues:

HGBE-53. Switch to Raspberry.*3 nuget packages
HGBE-69. Master branch won’t run
HGBE-48. Plugins folder breaks interface.install
HGBE-64. Listen and react to system signals
HGBE-67. Change the filename template for backup files
HGBE-38. Replace SQLite with LiteDB
HGBE-10. Move all editable files into one folder

Also replaced SharpZipLib with SharpCompress library, updated a number of NuGet packages and refactored a lot of code.

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I had a chance to quickly do a test install of both versions on a new SD card.
the one line install is awesome!
These are not bugs but just findings others wishing to test may like to know.
Both installs ask for the folder to install HGBE.
this could be confusing for those new to using a Pi as a suggestion maybe just add a time out here so it installs to the default. if no input is added.

Mono install
It appears the script asks the user for the mono version but this never happened that I noticed (maybe it timed out) in any case it installed the latest version.
the porting of my old configuration seems to have worked fine.

Docker install
this install seemed to take much longer to install in fact I had thought my Pi had locked up during the docker install.
Once HGBE is installed users of this test version should note the default port is 8090 not 80 or 8080.
I’ve not yet ported my old settings as I attempted to change the port back to what I normally use and this messed up things so don’t attempt this.

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I tested 1.1.18 version. Install easy, but it won’t install programs folder.
The backup restore from HG 0.525 works fine, but I can’t Compile the programs. It show this error.
I copy the programs folder from my old HG, and works fine.

you didn’t say which version(build) you installed mono or docker.
I haven’t noticed this with the latest docker install but I’m going to do a fresh install and restore of a back up to night or tomorrow morning.so I have a fresh log file.

Hi, @kaze!
Thank you for this bug! Filed it on GitHub and will fix shortly.