Using same module names

I tried answering this question myself by looking at groups.xml and modules.xml, but could not find the verbos module name.

module names allow spaces.
Scheduler names use dots as word separators.

Here is my question: Can modules in the same group under different separators have the same name? For example:

. [GROUP] bedrooms
. [SEPARATOR] room 1
. [MODULE][X10.K5] table light
. [SEPARATOR] room 2
. [MODULE][X10.J3] table light

I would think not, since the module name in groups.xml is clearly used to find the module info in modules.xml.

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Thanks - I tried it and HG did not break. In HG Scheduler the modules show the tagged name and X10 House/Unit code. I would think HG brings through a useful ID for all devices.

Hmmm … color me surprised!