Uncommanded X10 traffic flooding my RPi HG setup

I don’t need any help resolving this as I’ve already figured out what the issue is. I’m only posting to provide narrative in case anyone down the road runs into a similar issue. I have submitted a bug on github (issue 446) but I expect it will not be fixed.

In short, I used to have a X10 module A8 that was used to control a couple lights outside my house via a WS467 module. In HG I had a scheduled ON/OFF event that would turn off the module at 10:30pm and dawn in case it was left on accidentally. Several years ago I switched the wall mounted sconces to LED with dawn/dusk sensors. I also switched my spotlights to LED motion sensors as new ones provide excellent light and very good detection range. Since I had 1 each on this switch and I wanted to simply leave it on all the time, I removed the WS467 and deleted the module from HG. All was good for a long time.

Last week my RPi SD failed so I had to rebuild and restore settings. For some reason this caused an issue where A8 OFF was being sent repeatedly at 10s intervals. I enabled logging and it was definitely coming from HG but I couldn’t figure out why. After much tinkering and looking at the contents of /usr/local/bin/homegenie/modules.xml I determined that even though I deleted the module from all groups, it was still running some kind of code in the background (scheduler probably).

My expected function is, once a module is deleted from all groups, it is effectively not a part of my automation setup. There is no way to modify it’s settings, so it seems intuitive that code would not run at that point. It appears that was a faulty assumption in my case. I would recommend to anyone permanently removing a module from HG to use the Modules Cleanup function. In fact, it might be good to do that for all modules that you aren’t using at least once to make sure there aren’t any spurious settings or code running that is unanticipated.

I’d say that advice is highly recommended to anyone who is using an original HG setup from way back and has been upgrading each new version via HG configuration backup /restore. Who knows what other little surprises lie in store as very little beta testing of any substance was carried out in latter years.

@bkenobi thanks again for all the hard work and effort put in over the years testing HG and enhancing its functionality. Your efforts are very much appreciated from this end.

Thank you for this posting. Your solution worked for me also.