Trying to build/run Windows version

Since I made a few things back in Genes repo I thought I would try and start from scratch with Bounz repo. It feels that there is a bigger chance to get thing included if I manage to make something useful =)

Anyway, everything compiles fine, but when it should start it cant find the SQLite DLL. I’ve tried to read in the forum, and saw something about it in the “Installation 1.1.15” thread, but didn’t really find a solution.

Any help is appreciated. Don’t know if some files or projects is missing after the reorganization?

Hi, @raptorjr!

Nice to hear that you are trying to build my fork. Personally, I have no problems with SQLite on Windows, but it’s a nightmare to configure build and packaging of native libraries for macOS and Linux, and that’s the reason why I’m looking for some other storage for HG.

Right now I’m trying LiteDB which is fully managed embeddable database and should work on any platform without dirty hacks and headaches.

So, I advice you to wait until stabilization of my fork.

Guys I can’t speak for Windows users but I think a lot of testing carried out by Gene in the Linux environment stopped at Wheezy. A lot of technical problems I’m experiencing at the moment relate to the Systemd method of launching processes in Stretch.It was optional and came later in Jessie but is fully implemented in Stretch.

I’m wondering what direction to go in now. Homegenie runs fine on Wheezy for me but security certs are a big issue and as a result email notification is a non starter which is an absolute necessity plus the fact that Wheezy is an EOL product.

I’m not here to wait :wink:
Even though the project said to copy the System.Data.SQLite files to the output directory that didn’t happen. Everything starts when I copied them manually to the Debug directory.

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