Trouble with 2 new z-wave switches!

Hi - long time hg user here. Never really had any big issues; and always manged to sort out the few small ones I had.

But - now I’m stuck!

My setup includes an Aeon USB Series 2 Adapter, a few switches from a couple of brands (all working) - and recently I got a good deal on a couple of Duwi 05431 switches.

I wired up these switches and added them to the zwave network as follows: take the aeon next to the switch, press the button on the aeon, press the on button on the switch 3 times, aeon light goes steady showing it’s found the device, and switch stops flashing showing it’s now part of a network.

With both done I reconnected aeon, restarted HG and from settings, zwave interface options, I selected discovery - this lists the 2 new nodes successfully. I added the 2 new switches to a group … all fine up till here.

The issue is the devices won’t switch. They ignore the on/off from HG! HG is talking to them as when i go to the individual switch settings I can get the device info:

I can even change the ‘basic’ setting from 0 to 255 and this makes the switch change initial state - i can here the relay go on/off accordingly when i do this … but still on/off from the normal group buttons won’t work.

Any brilliant ideas anyone?

Hi, @Etienne.

Try to use (333.0 KB) program attached to this post to issue some commands to new switches. If you are on RPi then use mono Test.ZWave.exe to run it on your Pi. On Windows just use console to run the program.

Just before starting take a look at ZWave interface properties in HG and make note of USB port using.
After that stop HG and start test program, use ? command and type your USB port. Then use 9 command to discover all nodes.

After that try to use ~ command and issue a command to your node, for example SwitchMultilevel.Set(x,99) where x is ID of problem node.

Any output from test program would be great to investigate this issue.