Tizen Samsung Tv Control

Hello to all. Please, Has anyone managed to integrate samsung tv control?
I made some attempts following the two posts below, but I don’t know where to start.
Is there any way to send http commands via web browser?



I’m assuming you’ve checked out all the official HG documentation. Here’s a good starting point https://genielabs.github.io/HomeGenie/api/mig/mig_api_interfaces.html

Yes, i use Api on the HG programs, but to be honest, it doesn’t help me much in this case…
If possible, I’d need some examples of using Samsung’s Rest Api to send commands to TV …

I think I’ve seen some sample code for something similar on Home Assistant that may help you https://community.home-assistant.io/t/samsung-smart-tv-no-control/32914/84

Thank You Prete,
I made some attempts based on the link you sent me, but no positive results.

The only thing I can do is send the command: http://IP_TV:8001/api/v2/
I receive the following response from the TV:
(Do you have any idea how to send other requests based on the link you sent me? (E.g. Go to channel 8)

FrameTVSupport “false”
GamePadSupport “true”
ImeSyncedSupport “true”
OS “Tizen”
TokenAuthSupport “true”
VoiceSupport “false”
countryCode “IT”
description “Samsung DTV RCR”
developerIP “”
developerMode “0”
duid “uuid:bb2d1da7-518f-4d64-b4a7-f378d8df9949”
firmwareVersion “Unknown”
id “uuid:bb2d1da7-518f-4d64-b4a7-f378d8df9949”
ip “”
model “17_KANTM_UHD_BASIC”
modelName “UE65MU6125”
name “[TV] Samsung 6 Series (65)”
networkType “wired”
resolution “3840x2160”
smartHubAgreement “true”
type “Samsung SmartTV”
udn “uuid:bb2d1da7-518f-4d64-b4a7-f378d8df9949”
wifiMac “54:bd:79:36:f8:03”
id “uuid:bb2d1da7-518f-4d64-b4a7-f378d8df9949”
isSupport “{“DMP_DRM_PLAYREADY”:“false”,“DMP_DRM_WIDEVINE”:“false”,“DMP_available”:“true”,“EDEN_available”:“true”,“FrameTVSupport”:“false”,“ImeSyncedSupport”:“true”,“TokenAuthSupport”:“true”,“remote_available”:“true”,“remote_fourDirections”:“true”,“remote_touchPad”:“true”,“remote_voiceControl”:“false”}\n”
name “[TV] Samsung 6 Series (65)”
remote “1.0”
type “Samsung SmartTV”
version “2.0.25”

Try searching the Home Assistant forum a little more. I reckon they have further info on the subject and it’s a very active forum.