So these are my thoughts that are lacking:

DB - I’m thinking something like mongoDB to store all data coming in… playing with a few options at work - that may ‘port’ :smiley:

  • People and Locations - Could bodge something together with groups but would be crude…

  • State machine (would make occupancy easier)

  • Scheduled Backup - Easy to do with Scheduler now…

  • CodeMirror - version is old and intellisense would help newbies (including myself) – See mirrorsharp :smiley:

  • CI

  • Break out inbuilt interfaces (UPNP, ZWave, X10) - changes to these shouldn’t warrant a new release of the software…

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  • change the c# app factory code to have an ‘advanced’ option so you can edit the full code - which would let you edit outside of the method that your code actually runs in…

  • support saving the CS locally so that you can use alternate gui based editors. incidentally you can cheat and use this solution: which allows you to build a dll that can be used and you can also attach the debugger…


I also want to try to ‘dockerize’ HomeGenie distribution so it will be easier to install it on PRi (no need to fight with different versions of Mono, install certificates to fix email settings).

that could be interesting :slight_smile:

Sounds cool, would help newbis a lot to start with homegenie! :grinning:

also build a pre-built img

Why don’t you like SQLite? It’s embeddable and lightweight. With mongo you will need to install it separately…

agreed, but needing a schema might not quite work for serialising values as I am thinking of, if I was to get something working I would make it configurable. That said I ‘might’ be able to use the statistics dB.

My first challenge is hierarchical occupancy of areas and then try and create a class for people that can be used, for example WiFi could determine occupancy of the home, Bluetooth or other sensors could do room level occupancy but maybe not to a person level