Temperature and Humidity logging

I am controlling a house thermostat remotely using HG.
My “home” page shows in the top right corner the Temperature and Humidity.
Is there a way to log this information every hour or so to a file?

Thank you for reading this and thanks for keeping HG current.

Try looking in the stats…

I have my Nest info there


Thank you for the reply. Where is that located in the program? All I
could find was analysis of electrical usage that I do not make use of.


Press Statistics button on the bottom of the main screen.

Then use Options button on the statistics page to filter values you are interested in:

But right now there is no option to export these data to a file.

Thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate it. I have been using HG for years and never knew that ability was built in.


The data is stored in a .db file in the HG root path in case you need it outside of HG. An export option might be nice.