Status on Development / Latest Version

Hello- I am just wondering what the status is.

I am running R525… what is the latest known stable version of HG? Is Gene still updating it or is Bounz or what is the current status if I might ask.

Thanks all!!!

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Hi, @kevinvinv.

The latest version from Gene is r526, also there is r526.1 from me with the support of auto-restart crashed automation programs.

In terms of development - this is a complicated question. From one side HomeGenie is the open-source project, so everybody is able to fork it and tweak. But in terms of the system - there are a lot of ties to Gene’s repositories on GitHub (update checker, package management, etc.) and to NuGet packages, maintained by him (no one else has access to update MIG, ZWaveLib, and other libraries). Also, the HomeGenie Plus app is closed-source.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to him, hopefully, he will reply sometime.
In the worst case, I have an idea to develop my fork of HomeGenie independently. But I will not be able to fix a lot of device specific issues as my own setup is tiny and contains only a number of ZWave devices.


Thanks for this update. I understand better now… Thanks again.

Could always do a c# app in xamarin for ios and android?

I have often thought about doing a windows app for hg too… as I don’t like the UI.

I also thought whether the UI should be seperated so others could replace with their choice…

Again I’m not sure whether MIG and homegenie being seperate projects helps either. .

I’m not that good with web apps and everything. But is it really necessary to make apps for each and every platform? Shouldn’t it be possible to make a mobile friendly version of HG that is accessed through the webserver?

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I would have thought so, the advantage with an app is less crap to pull over the connection…

Xamarin apparently allows one code base across multiple apps…

My personal opinion is a smart home doesn’t need an app… a smart home should be ‘smart’

I do see the benefits with less traffic. But on the other hand there isn’t enough devs to keep HG going forward. So any app would probably be abandoned pretty fast.

If there is people with the skills/interest and love to develop for HG, I think the best would be to put the time on the HG server. Keep it updated with new technology, fix bugs, add new features that hopefully make HG more attractive and maybe get more users/devs onboard. And maybe a good mobile web interface will be developed.


Well one advantage is now we can create a project under bounz’s repo and then create a kanban board with todo, doing and done lanes so we can prioritize features :slight_smile:

My main goal is to add occupancy in a hierarchical model using a statemachine… I need to add some classes for Locations etc…

I have a vs 2017 POC of what I am wanting here:

example of the output from the test app…

This would be cool. We need features like this to attract more users.

You guys have a lot more success than I do I guess. I cant even get a single zwave device to work and it took me months of headache to get my X10 stuff running on it half way reliable. I still dont have a reliable panic button which was the ONE thing I REALLY wanted! :slight_smile: I’d love to use HG more but every time I do anything… it takes about 10 times longer than I think it should… I guess I am not smart enough :slight_smile:

use it as an excuse to learn… :slight_smile: thats what I do :smiley:

I just found you guys yesterday and do not even have a working setup yet, but I am very interested in the ongoing development effort around HG. I entertained the idea of contributing to OpenHAB, but could not stomach the JVM for so long. I am most interested in grooming and updating the underlying zwave library(ies) and further developing the API. I have seen several comments regarding dislike for the current UI and would love to see the front and backend separate. An Angular.js or Vue.js Progressive Web App would be awesome. Splitting the UI from the API I think should help us tighten up the public API too. All of that sounds great, but I think we are really dead in the water until we figure out project stewardship and location going forward. I have no background understanding of the previous development team, but if Gene has moved on then we should strongly consider a fork sooner than later (I do not like forking, but if we cannot get admin on the existing repos then what other option is there?). Too easy to lose a bunch of hard work otherwise. Let me know what everyone thinks and what sort of availability/schedule the devs have. I should be able to give ~10hr/week starting in March.


I created an item for possibly splitting the UI from the main code (ok, i thought I had, but cant find it)

I also think bounz also started doing a vue front end but shelved it on the possibility Gene might have been doing one.

as per the link above, the project has already forked as there was becoming less and less input from Gene - I think following on from the realisation that this wasnt going to pay the bills and the need to get a paying job, which is understandable.

@pluralmonad Welcome. It sounds great that you would like to take a look at Zwave. Since Zwave is popular I think that good and up to date support is important to get more people to HG. And especially when the pepper1 database is not available. We need support for a database of devices that is updated with the latest Zwave devices.