Stable 6 has arrived

Just received this notification for what looks like an annual update of HG. It’s exactly one year since Stable 5 arrived on the desktop.

I got the email notification as well, but trying to see what has actually been updated in the new release as there are no notes on it yet.

That wouldn’t be unusual. On first inspection it looks like the deb package manager has been fixed and the lirc issue has been addressed. Some changes to SQL Lite database as well.

Just check the code updates. It’s easy enough to work out from there.

For anyone running HG on Raspbian Buster that did a manual install previously you may have to backup your settings, do a fresh install and restore your settings. Again I haven’t looked that closely at it yet.

I keep getting emails (5 so far) so I think he may still be in the process of updating things and has not yet finished the actual release notes. I am holding off updating until I get more info or he at least seems to be finished. Thanks

With each commit you’ll receive an email. You can see it all on the HG web UI

I ran the update on my raspbian buster pi that previously had stable 5 with no issues. I don’t believe a fresh install is required if manualy installed a previous version but backing up your setting prior is always recommended prior to updating. Something I usualy for get to do luckily not much changes at my off grid setup.

Can you tell what is / was being updated with this release ?

It appears to me that what @Petediscrete has reported is all that has been fixed with this update.
I’ve not noticed any visible improvements as yet.

I told you in the previous post. The major difficulty was the deb package manager was broken as a result of changes to Lirc in Raspbian Buster. This has now been fixed.

Quite a number of HG users use Lirc for their infra red remote projects and had to manually address this problem. This build has now integrated that solution making installing HG quite simple from the deb package manager.

Other than that some minor changes to SQL Lite that’s it really after one year. I use Lirc so I’m doing a fresh install of Stable 6 to get things back on track.

Sorry, I missed that in the earlier post. At this point, since I do not use Lirc and I have some customization to HG programs I am going to hold off updating.


Any customization to HG included widgets or programs like the weather widget would get lost with an Update.
However if you cloned that widget and program as your own you won’t lose it or any of your own widgets or prgrams.

Feels like Unstable 6. Looks like the same problem persists with the package manager installer. Oh well not bad for a years absence of updates. I wouldn’t be advising anyone to update any time soon. :joy: Nothing new here to see.

Ya, nothing with this update impressed me but it was an update which many have been wishing for. Hopefuly the next release will be soon and be more to users liking. I’m not complaining about this update as some times baby steps are required.

I don’t see how anyone could say they were wishing for this. It’s effectively a 5 changed to a 6. I thought that after a year’s absence from updates we could have been looking at a complete code rewrite or at least something in .Net Core similar to what others were working on here which was exciting to see. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this project will advance beyond .Net Framework. I think enough has been said on the matter really.

Thankfully I’m using the BE edition in a Docker which is a far better experience all round.

I wasnt implying user were wishing for a broken or buggy update just a update that added something useful. ( I know I was)
The stable lable should have been beta as it obviously wasn’t fully tested.
In anycase it is nice to see some movement even if it hasn’t benefited my setup yet.

It is what it states. It’s from the Stable build. All that it was supposed to achieve was to repair the package manager installer. It did that but not for the ARM range of processors. Users here know not to expect much these days and they weren’t disappointed with this release. As I said enough spoken on very little.

Finally it now appears that the deb package manager is working for ARM processors ie Raspberry Pi etc. End of that round of HG updates I reckon. Two updates in two days. Who knows what the future holds after that flurry of activity.