Sonoff (tasmota) HG 1.1beta r525?

I used HG 1.1 beta r525 on a raspberry 3 (Jessie).
I want to control a sonoff relay (tasmota) via MQTT.
Have MQTT broker and MQTT-Neztwerk already installed.
Do I have to install extra on the raspberry mosquitto yet?
Just do not get the thing up and running.

Many Thanks


1013-Garage.hgx (5.9 KB) (2.4 KB)

the topic Sonoff relay seems to be no topic for HG.
I see it as a super cheap alternative to other devices (like zwave).
unbeatable cheap
230 V 10A directly switchable
bidirectional connection (status is reported back)
compact design (power supply in the device)
MQTT capable
numerous extensions (for example temperature, movement etc.)

I would like to publish some findings anyway. Note: I did not write the programs myself. They are from the forum of others
Users (thank you !!!). I have my findings from simple tests.

To use the MQTT protocol, the MQTT broker can be installed in HG. Alternatively Mosquitto can be installed on the Raspberry Pi.
The Sonoff relay is then addressed via its topic.

I have managed with the program and widget in the system to switch a Sonoff relay (Tasmota). The condition is displayed directly on the surface.
A great thing. Now comes my problem.

Currently I can only integrate a relay in HG via MQTT !!!

Tried the program and widget for each Sonoff to create extra. Unfortunately
I could not control the relays separately. It can also be involved with two
Sonoff relay and two widgets only one relay switched.
It must be the program. The configuration of the relays is correct.

I was not able to control another relay via HG.

Since I have no programming knowledge, I depend on the support of other users.

The program should be designed so that you can create as many Sonoff relay.
I imagine this as the GPIO ports.

For a support, I would be very grateful. I see in the Sonoff relay (via MQTT) a real asset to HG.

Many thanks