Setting HG up as a service

There was some discussion on making HG a new type of service. Is that something that will be transitioned in a future version? I have HG 1.1.15 running from the command line, but obviously it needs to be a service. I can just run it as a service by installing the deb version or following David’s guide. But, the goal is a newbie script, so I’d like some conversation on what will be the future.

have you tried my ansible script? that definitely works and configures the newer way

I saw that thread but wasn’t familiar with ansible so didn’t know it applied. I’ll grab another sd and give it a try.

ansible is just a tool for putting a machine into a desired state, unlike chef and puppet alternatives this doesnt need an agent, so all you need is a linux machine, or windows 10 with a linux subsystem enabled, mac should also be possible.

once you have an sd card downloaded add a blank file called ssh to the fat partition to enable ssh… you then just need to give it the ip address and it will do the rest.

(this assumes a wired connection and not bluetooth)