Screen Reload Solved

It seems that mono needs to find the hostname when looking for in the hosts file.

edit your etc/hosts as follows: localhost localhost.hostname<–Add your computer’s hostname here.

After I did this the the reload problem disappeared and HG loading speed increased.

Also ping me at home extended is no longer crashing. It was the error message here that lead me to this.
Edit: Ping me at home extended is still crashing!:frowning_face:


Good find. Definitely notice an increase in screen reloads.

These are the tips we’ve been missing since the days of the old forum. Short, sweet, to the point and useful.


I cannot make this work on my Win7Pro setup. I have tried with and without the HG service running.
I type in — localhost localhost.alanarcdesk

Goes directly to a “page cannot be displayed” page.

You don’t type this in your browser, you edit a file called ‘hosts’. I’m not sure where it’s located in Win7, Open windows explorer and search for it. It should be somewhere in the windows folder or its sub folders.

Edit: For clarity. you edit the hosts file of the computer that runs the HG server.