Scheduling issue with Home Genie

I 'm having an issue with an HG schedule that is scheduled from 6:30am to 10:30am only from Nov1 thru Mar 15. However it wants to run now in Aug. I am providing the cron expression describing the schedule in hopes someone can help me correct the error assuming its in the cron expression


Try this cron expression:

[(* * * 11,12,1,2 *) : (* * 1-15 3 *)] ; [(30 6 * * *) > (30 10 * * *)]

Thank You for the help I copy and pasted and I will let you know
if it works. I did notice that after pasting the schedule
disappeared from the calendar view. I now have to click edit
schedules to see it. I’m assuming the schedules that show in the
calendar view are the only ones that should be active according to
dates. Edjal

Thank You again for your expertise and help with scheduling issue. I checked the log this morning and the schedule is no longer running when it is not supposed to. Edjal