Scheduler help

I’m having an issue with my wife’s schedule for her holiday lighting. I had it set up with the old scheduler and it worked fine. I decided to switch over to using the “new” version (yeah, it’s a couple years old now) and I can’t get lights to work. I’m hoping someone can help me set it up correctly.

What I need is to turn ON between Thanksgiving or Black Friday and January 1 at sunset. I need it turn OFF between the same dates and at 10:30pm. Here’s what I have which doesn’t seem to work:

(@BlackFriday > @NewYearsDay);@SolarAltitude.Evening.Sunset.Start

(@BlackFriday > @NewYearsDay);(30 22 * * *)

59 59 23 ? 11 THU#4 *

0 0 0 1 1 ? *

I’d like to get this fixed ASAP so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @bkenobi.

HG uses NCrontab library under the hood to parse and evaluate cron expressions (and adds some new operators like ;, > and the ability to use other events through @). But your expressions BlackFriday and NewYearsDay are not valid cron expressions: expression should contain 5 or 6 groups delimited with space (you have 7), there is no ability to schedule to 4th Thursday in month directly (#4, you can only limit day-of-month) and ? sign is not specified in cron expression.

I believe you should use 0 0 1 1 * for NewYearsDay and something like 59 23 21-27 11 THU for BlackFriday.

Also, you should use @SolarTimes.Sunset instead of @SolarAltitude.Evening.Sunset.Start.

I found the thread on the old forum (archived here) where I had asked this exact question. I suspect that your input would fix black friday but in that hread someone pointed out other issues. I reverted to their solution (not elegant, but functional). I also found in the process of susing this out that the new scheduler shows a graphic for each event that will occur on the current day. Pretty cool, but doesn’t help program things on other days.