RFLink Package


Great that there is a new forum. I saw a plugin I would like to use:

It’s an interface for RFLink:

Is there a reason why it’s not approved and added to the repository?

I guess it is because the pull request is against Genes repository which is as close to dead as it can be. For things to maybe be included they should use Bounz repository at https://github.com/Bounz/HomeGenie-BE

Thank you, how can I switch to this repository? Also, how do I get this uploaded to this repository?

Hi, @g_bremmer.
There are a lot of files in your pull request (https://github.com/genielabs/homegenie-packages/pull/22/files), mostly because you included source_code folder.
You should only include files that are needed for the interface to work, so, looking at package.json file it seems that you have to include only rflink_remote.zip, RFLink_RemoteCreator.hgx and MIG-RFLink.zip files (+ package.json itself and readme.md).

Also, I noticed that I have enough rights to accept pull-requests into Gene’s repository, so I offer you to fix your pull request and then I’ll accept it.

That’s great Bounz!
I would really appreciate that.

I’m not a programmer but isn’t the library needed for the software to function?

I have make a RFLink library .NET and a MIG RFLink component.
These librairies allow to communicate with a RFLink gateway.

Of course it’s needed, but we need the compiled library, not its source code.

Hi Bounz,

Could fix the pull request and accept it?

Who are you asking about?
I expect you to fix the pull request because you are the author of this pull request :slight_smile:.

I don’t believe he is the author. He starts the first post with “I saw a plugin I would like to use”. Don’t think the author would start a thread that way :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess that the author never found this forum, or the new fork.